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    1. Hosfad

      Zodiac Thieving

      Couldn't say it better , Thank you @Bonfire @__Marc__ as Bon Said , this is just saying Started script before being logged in, and should not affect you in any way shape or form
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    2. I've had a host of problems while running this bot. Start up: has a problem setting the scroll bar to the left for the chat box, it'll try a dozen times. Each quests buys items every time. After loading the list of required items, the botshould check the bank and see what items are missing, then it should only buy the missing items. My last problem is the gear it selects. I had obsidian in the bank, due to the fact that this was an NMZ bot. Instead, it chooses to buy and equip adamant armour and a dragon sword. It looks a little too bot like for a lvl 120+. Merlin's Crystal: frees Merlin, then tries finding Merlin again. After the crystal respawns, tries using excalibur on him multiple times. I just stopped the bot and finished myself. A Porcine of Interest: the "Being rescued step" is bugged. It'll read the note and start the cutscene, then click out a dozen times, which ends the cutscene and spawns at the beginning of the cave. Then the bot has no idea what to do. After pausing the bot, starting the cutscene, letting the cutscene play all the way through, the bot was fine. Icthlarin's Little Helper: Tries skipping a whole section of the quest. When you're supposed to take the jar, it shows the status of "returning the jar". I took the jar myself and it didn't fight the NPC. After the NPC, I exited the room. Then you have to actually go return the jar, which the bot got confused. I went to the door, did the puzzle. Once in the room, the bot finally went to the spot and returned the jar. Tai Bwo Wannai Trio: Small issue with fishing the karambwanji. Every time there's karambwanji added to the inventory, it just clicks on the fishing spot again. This is just a little too repetitive for my liking. It doesn't complete the quest. It only makes sure that Tiadeche returns to the village and teleports to the GE. This has the ability to be an amazing bot. As it stands now, it needs a decent amount of work though. Now for what this bot does amazingly. Elemental Workshop: I tabbed out of Dreambot, tabbed back in literally 5 mins later and the quest was done. Merlin's Crystal: Everything (minus above issue) was completed excellently. No issues at all. In hopes that Sub Quester will become the best questing bot on Dreambot, I will continue to provide whatever bugs I find while using this bot.
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    3. Hashtag

      Zodiac Thieving

      Cool release!
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    4. Xtra

      Show me the ways

      Play the game legitimately for a while until you understand the game's economy, how the GE works, how RWTing works. Start small, don't immediately be consumed by the notion of making as much profit as you can immediately, doing so will likely make you lose track of a lot of important aspects that will likely help to prevent your bots getting banned after < 1 day. Read as many tutorials as possible (on the forums), get as many opinions as you can. @Defiled wrote an incredibly informative topic about how to increase your bots life, I highly suggest giving it a read:
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    5. Master AIO F2P Master AIO F2P was in free beta from 23/12/2020 until 27/04/2021, tested for over 12 years by 2840 unique users. Uses: Account building (human-like) Smash trade restrictions Specific skill/quest requirements Avoid detection by RuneLite anti-bot plugin Suicide botting/farming Fun Main Features: Fully automated F2P player All 13 important F2P skills Most F2P quests Intelligent task selection See users' progress live with webhooks (https://discord.gg/GkDPG9mard) Self-contained socketless muling system with a customisable interval Can be started right after tutorial island without gold; generates its own wealth Unique neural-network-inspired mouse algorithm Fully automated wealth/resource management Fully automated tool/gear upgrading/selling Anti-cluster: each account gets its own behavioural profile with unique traits at every level from mouse movement and anti-ban to choice-of-task and play duration, which evolve as it progresses Anti-ban: powerful and unique approach to anti-ban preventing jagex from profiling this script (in addition to the anti-cluster). Also, each account gets its own unique anti-ban behaviours including nooblike exploration Supports being launched by command-line Rotate your accounts automatically (see FAQ). With 3 accounts rotating, you can get 24/7 efficiency whilst only playing each account 8h/day Option to add webhooks from your accounts to your own discord server Inbuilt break and sleep system, again unique per account, tied to your timezone. Sleep like a human! Tends to bully other bots when competing for resources Massively configurable: enable/disable skills, activities, locations, quests; set target levels and preferred skills Live GE price updates Choose between 2 location picking algorithms - "closest" and "favourite-per-account" Clear status, progress and profit displays May pick a favourite cape upon reaching a reasonable level Logs out and stops after completing all level goals + quests Discord screenshare/voice support Screenshots: FAQ: Interface: General The boxes to the far left and right are for setting skill preferences. These will work together with your accounts "own" intrinsic preferences, which are turned down if only a few skills are enabled. Questing Logs out after finishing all skills + quests. Features "soft quest requirements" to stop technically possible quests being started too early. Fail-safe timeout system (hopefully never needed). Quests are temporarily limited to 14QP (after which no more are started) to stop everyone completing the same subset of quests. Will increase as more are added Mining Finds the optimal mining spot based on player and ore patterns, including taking into account that back-to-back-ores are a bit slower than corner-ores. Switches spot when a better one is found and the "stubbornness threshold" is exceeded. Hops worlds if getting insufficient ores. Uses appropriate strategies for each different tier of ore. Level requirements are offset slightly to prevent slow mining of some ores. Tool wielding supported. Cooking Cooks whatever is in the bank; then buys the best food to level up. Level requirements are offset slightly to prevent excessive burning. Fishing Supports pretty much every fishing spot, including Karamja. Combat Smart training algorithm eventually favours str over att/def. Supports eating, autocasting, and respawning. Finds level-appropriate challenges. Tends to switch target cleanly in a human-like manner. Woodcutting Advanced roaming algorithm to find regular trees. Has pretty much every oak/willow/yew spot. Avoids dangerous (via lvl requirement) and heavily botted areas. Tool wielding supported. Crafting Starts with leather gloves, then crafts all sorts of gold jewellery. Fast and profitable. Smithing Supports all bars except blurite - other F2P training methods are silly. Firemaking Burns logs in one of three different styles (more efficient ones more likely) Smart spot finding and world hopping if the location is overcrowded with fires Muling Super easy muling, just enter the master's name and average muling interval. Muling happens in a random bank on a random world at a random time, clearly displayed on the master account. Slave accounts know when and where to meet without needing any further information. More slaves can be added without needing to restart anything. Option to leave behind some wealth on slave accounts. No human interaction required, the master will log out and the slaves hop back to work afterwards. Accounts with insufficient levels or qp will not bother muling. Anti-cluster Each account takes on its own set of unique behaviour and preferences for pretty much everything, such as breaks, bedtime, capes, mouse movement, click distribution, settings, etc... Breaks and Sleeping Fully preset breaks; unique per account; can be disabled. After 8-14h of playing, the bot will "sleep" until around its "wake-up time" the next day in your timezone. You can leave the bot running as long as you like with default sleep and break settings (note: it is advised not to do this too late into your timezone-day, else it will run into the first night before switching to a normal schedule which looks a bit sus). Quickstart Example for Windows: java -Xmx255M -jar -Xbootclasspath/p:C:\Users\USER\Dreambot\BotData\client.jar C:\Users\USER\Dreambot\BotData\client.jar -script "Master AIO F2P" -world WORLD -username NAME -password PASS -account ZEZIMA -params nogui Changelog:
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