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    1. 1.) You went with someone with no rank on DreamBot scripting. DreamBot host private script shops for Scripter+ and above approved Scripters. These Scripters have past some standardized testing to assure they are quality. Not a guarantee it will he perfect but it can help. 2.) Botting isn't dead just because you had a poor experience. YOUR botting might be dead but tons of people still have solid experiences skilling or farming gold. 3.) Glhf with whatever you do next but it sounds like your mindset and problem solving abilities might not fit botting. Maybe try another game?
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    2. Hey there, I'm sorry to hear about your experience purchasing a private script not going well. That's generally why we prefer people use a private script shop on our forums by a Scripter+, as they have much more reputation to hold up and we find reduces the chance of exit scamming or anything like that (not what happened here, but generally speaking). Overall though this thread seems to be targeted at the script writer that sold you a script, and we don't support private script sales at all so you two need to hash it out between yourselves privately, not on a public thread filled with inaccurate statements about scripters. For every private script that didn't make a return for the person who bought it, there's probably 10 that have. People are allowed to set any price they want for any services they want to provide, and you're allowed to agree or not agree. I'm not sure why you're making a thread with such a sensationalist title complaining about it. As I said above we don't provide any support for private scripts, so you should continue contacting him in private. If he scammed you in any way or broke any terms you both agreed to, you can open a dispute and our staff can take a look Sorry again!
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    3. Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER Click here for your 2 hour free trial! Features Supports all crafting methods: Flax spinning, gem cutting, craft leather armour, silver jewellery, gold jewellery, birdhouses, string amulets, make battlesaves, weave drift nets and glassblowing. Task system allows method chaining: For example, craft Coif until crafting level 58 and then craft Green d'hide vambs until no items left Ability to save and load settings, and use them to quickstart the script Easy setup Active customer support Gallery Click here for your 2 hour free trial!
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    4. hello ive just went to get the errors and i deleted all my other scripts and its now working again sorry to bother you and thanks for the help your a top bloke
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    5. Haha sorry for the confusion but I am definitely not Eagle Scripts.
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    6. if its a ban within 4hrs its not caused by the script itself.
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    7. Personal preference I guess as I'd prefer to buy for a potentially high price instantly than wait around, generally people would want things to instant-buy, it was indeed an oversite on my part about the initial pricing for the items however it wasn't stated that it should buy at med price. Edit: My test account is still alive
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    8. Can you direct me to their post? As far as I'm concerned you are talking about two completely different people. If you think it's @Aeglen, it's not. Just similar name/avatar hahaha.
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    9. Defiled

      Increase Your Bot's Life

      Well, in regards to days.. it doesnt .atter a whole lot.. but like.. weekdays evening GMT is offhours.. weekends are offhours.. mondays are speculated to be the mass bot banning days.. so botting furoiusly on sundays isnt advised. <-- this is a myth/speculation.. so take your chances
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