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Getting Started with DreamBot Scripting

Welcome to the DreamBot Scripter Guides!

We hope you'll be able to follow along with our useful tutorials, how-to guides, and Javadocs to quickly get started on making your own scripts.

1. Install the Java Development Kit

Before you can start writing scripts, you'll need to install the appropriate JDK to actually build your scripts.

2. Set up your development environment

Once Java is installed and ready to go, you'll need to install and correctly set up your development environment that will allow you to write your scripts.

3. Write and test out your first script

Now that everything is ready to go, you can follow our tutorial to see how a script is made.

4. Keep learning

If you've made it this far, great job! Scripting isn't terribly difficult once you get the hang of it, and we know you'll do just fine.

For help on a specific problem, you should check our how-to guides to better understand how to use our API.

If you're just looking for reference material, our Javadocs should be able to help you with that.

If you're still having trouble, we're always ready to help on our forums!