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How to Drop Inventory Items

We have many methods in the client to let you drop inventory items easily:

Dropping one item

You can drop a single item using its name, id, or even a Filter.

Inventory.drop("Coins"); // Name

Inventory.drop(995); // ID

// Filter that will drop the first item that isn't an axe
Inventory.drop(i -> i != null && !i.getName().contains("axe"));

Dropping all items

You can also drop all items in your inventory using a similar method.

Inventory.dropAll("Coins"); // Name
Inventory.dropAll("Coins", "Bones"); // Multiple item names

Inventory.dropAll(995); // ID

Inventory.dropAll(); // This will drop everything

// Filter that will drop all items that isn't an axe
Inventory.dropAll(i -> i != null && !i.getName().contains("axe"));