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Installing Java Development Kit (JDK)

In order to develop scripts for DreamBot you will need the JDK.

Minimum Version

The minimum and recommended version to use is Java 8.
You can also use Java 11 but your scripts need to be targeted towards Java 8 to work on the SDN.

We recommend you get AdoptOpenJDK 8 (LTS).

Downloading and installing the JDK

Microsoft Windows / MacOS

Head towards the download page. Select your Operating System.
Then within the table click on the button that says .msi (for Windows) OR .pkg (for MacOS) to retrieve the installer.


Make sure you are selecting the JDK variant, not JRE

Then just open the executable and follow the instructions.


If you are running Linux then you can simply follow the official AdoptOpenJDK instructions to add the repository to your package manager and install everything within the terminal.
This way will also allow you to easily get frequent updates.