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    Yesterday I met up with someone that I originally met on an online forum. We found each other and instantly realised that we were meant to be, as if destiny sought out to get us together. We'd done all kinds of things. Exchanging dick pics was a common occurrence, cammy fun time was enjoyable and role play was something that I'd always accept.


    We decided that we'd finally meet up in real life, so we could live together and finally live our life as Taric & Ezreal (if you get this reference you can win a chance to join in with our lovemaking). We met in a nearby pub, got absolutely shit faced and then later spent the night at a hotel. When we walked in we got weird looks because he turned out to be about 20 years older than me (I am only 12), but I didn't care because he was the one for me.


    When we got into the room he immediately started kissing the back of my neck which turned me on an incredible amount, then I felt something touch my tooshie. I turned around to see him holding a large cucumber which was about 9" long (almost as big as my -) and he had a knife in the other - this worried me slightly, until I remembered that he wanted to LARP (Live Action Role Play) with me. I laid down on the bed where he started cutting up the cucumber and laying it all over my body, then slowly leaching it off and throwing it up into a trash can (turns out, he is allergic to it!).


    This unusual turn of events happened for ~10 hours longer until we both blacked out... When I woke up I felt more than unusual, so I decided to look in the mirror - only to find that I'm now a 23 year old female!


    I now consider myself to be a transgender female, help me!

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