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[Goal] Making money from scratch

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Hello guys, I`m a newcomer to this site. I was looking at all of those different goldfram goals and I saw that everyone has a start capital. But I`m the type of guy who doesn`t invest money in games and I just had this idea - why don`t I show everyone that you can profit from runescape without investing a single dollar. If everything goes well I will be upgrading to better accounts, memberships, proxies, vps and gold for materials. I will start with 5 f2p accounts without any stats or gold on them. Goal is to make 500$ from selling gold.





+10 euro cash


Chapter I




First week:

Day 1 (26 January, 2017): Made 5 accounts, finished tut. island on them, will let them sit for 24hrs. Will be making 5 accounts a day to suicide till I have enough to invest in better accounts and memberships. Did tutorial island with this script:



Day 2 (27 January, 2017): Slowly moving forward. Just ran 2 accounts for 4 hours, farmed 1400 cowhides. Currently accounts are on 1 hour break, will run them in night, hopefuly they won`t get banned, so I can transfer the hides on a mule. If everything goes well - tomorrow evening I`ll start mining. I`m thinking on getting 35 mining (coal) and then let the accounts run in nights and weekends. 


Day 3 (28 January, 2017): Both my hide collecting bots got banned. Started pretty late, I was searching trough and testing the mining scripts, found one good enough for my needs. Started mining clay - pretty good money if you ask me (for f2p, ban rates are just awful). Collected this in 5/6 hours (?) http://prntscr.com/e1hpo8 . Found a way how to mine without any other bots mining my rocks. Will run these accounts in night for 10 hours. Mining levels - 28/30. Should get around 7k clay ore in night, at that rate I`ll have a bond in 2/3 days <3


Day 4 (29 January, 2017): Finaly, started making some cash. 1.3m cashpile on mule. Tried out the dough script - probably won`t use it again unless flour price drops because it`s fucking 175gp ea. I made 180k profit on 2 accounts in almost 3 hours. That`s like 30k/hr. It`s weird but my clay bots aren`t getting banned. Now I`m collecting 5m for money making script (won`t tell what it is yet. :P) and a bond. 37/38 mining. That`s it for today. Going for a 3m cashpile tomorrow and a 12 hour clay mining proggie :D.


Day 5 (30 January, 2017): Made like 500k today, unfortunately both accounts I left running in night got banned next day, managed to loot them. Interesting thing - i was running 2 accounts on the same ip - account I made 1 hour ago got banned in 4 (?) hours but the account I made like 4 days ago was still running. Made 20 accounts, I`m going to let them sit for like 12 hours and then suicide them tomorrow. Cashpile - 1.712m. Gonna make some cash tomorrow :).


Day 6 (31 January, 2017)Ahh, got my 20 accounts insta banned after tutorial island, nothing special because I made them look very suspicious. Made 5 legit looking accounts, botting 13 mining for clay. Probably running 5 accounts at once this night. Let`s hope for the best. I`ll probably make update in this thread every 3-7 days or when something interesting happens, hope you don`t mind. I doubt that someone is actualy following my progress but still. :)  There will be update tomorrow just saying.


Day 7 (1 February, 2017): Bought bond today since bonds started rising, collecting 2m for scipt now. Ran only 2 accounts at night farmed (6k?) clay. 400k left, now I have to get till 2m. Next update in a week probably.


Week 2 (1 February - 8 February, 2017): 

Hehe, farmed enough to buy a script and a bond. Now doing this method. In 2 weeks I`ll show what script did I use :). I will post here some profits and proggies every 3/4 days. Currently running 1 account.


Day 19 (12 February, 2017): 2 proggies, (tested out the shop buyer - nice script, brings in around 200k/h, going to buy it in 2 days). Just a very small update, will make a bigger update in 15 february. Btw, I`m using saltpetre script, brings in around 70k/h. Currently at 4.5m (collecting cash for another bond and the shop buyer script)



Day 21 (14 February, 2017): Currently I`m using #1shopping script, brings in around 400k/h (2 accounts, 200k/h ea) Both accounts are p2p. Current goal is to make enough to buy 2 more bonds, 3 proxies and run 4 accounts at once. I think that I`ll stick to 4 accounts at once (But who knows, if I`ll find new things to buy I`ll run more accounts :)), at that rate I`ll complete 500$ goal in 5/6 weeks since I`m botting 18 hours a day because the ban rate is super low. :) I`ll be updating this topic weekly now with profits, proggies and new purchases.


Week 2 (14 February - 21 February):

Reached 22m cash pile - invested it. Started running 4 accounts at once, 2 oldest account got banned when i tried dinh teletab script :D. Investments - 3 proxies, 2 bonds, None lava dragon script, reRecoil script, dreambot premium. Currently at 6m cash pile - running 2 accounts atm since 2 got banned. I will run 4 accounts again when the servers will get fixed. Lost 5m with the both accounts since there was 2.5m of supplies on each account. Basically this week I`ve been testing out different scripts. Waiting for the recoil and lava dragon script to get fixed. Hopefully everything goes weel this week :) 

Current scripts:





Week 3 (21 February - 28 February):

Feels good - Finaly making some gains :) Made around 50m this week, this week was awful because of the constant server dc`s. Now I`m back. Running 4 accounts - around 1.1m/h for 18 hours a day. First time cashing out from gold farming :) There will be a spoiler in the top of the page with profits. Cashed out 40m, left 10m in case something happens. I don`t know why but I bought cannonball script, probably will try it out. Here`s a nice proggie. :D.





Week 4 (28 February - 8 March):

Shit week = shit profits. Let`s start with this - 3 accounts banned (10m in supplies gone, tried a new method, didn`t work out :D). Invested 10m in p2p`s, invested 10m in my friend (I told him my old method, bought him 4 bonds, and gave him cash for supplies for one day. In return I get 20% of all his profits (extra 2.5m a day). Cashed out 20m, left with 20m. Any my profits are terrible because the prices are crashing :(. And yeah... script was broke for a day, so wasted one day there. Next week - I`m going to push the limits and try to gain max profit in a week (no investments, no anything).


Week 5 (8 March - 15 March):

First of all - thanks to Lost Fedora, gave me 1 year of his salt script for free, check out his scripts :). Last week I said that I`ll try to gain max profit - nope. 2 days in I realised that there is no point of wasting my time because the items that I was botting crashed. Spent 2 days testing scripts, methods. Bought #1 sand crabs and #1 runecrafting and a bond for another account. Probably buying none abyss script too. Cashed out 10m in cash, left with something like 30m. Right now I`m making accounts for runecrafting. It takes me 2 nights to make accounts for runecrafting. Even though I`m not making that much anymore, I won`t give up :)


Week 6 (15 March - 21 March):

Sorry guys, took a break, had things to do in school, I was testing some new methods. I decided that I will stick to the shoper buyer. Got 2 accounts banned testing those methods. Cashed out 18m in cash. From now on - only shop buyer :)


First of all, HUGE thank you to you guys for the support and good words, if there weren`t you guys, I`d have given up. :) These 7 weeks were amazing. If you are wondering - No, I haven`t made 500$ yet, but what I have done - I`ve shown everyone that you can make money with online game that I played in my childhood without investing anything. Yes, I didn`t reach 500$, but sooner or later it will happen because I`m making 10-18m a day. There were some guys that said to me - why are you botting if you make only like 300-400$ in a month? It doesn`t seem much but you have to understand one thing - I`m a student. The minimum wage in Latvia is 380 euro, and it`s always nice to have some extra cash. Why am I quitting? I`m quitting because this year I`m graduating school, I have a lot of homeworks to do and marks to correct. I`m not quitting botting I just won`t update the thread. Thanks again for the support and good luck with botting :) Enjoy the song!


Btw, if you are wondering how I cash out gp - I ordered bitcoin prepaid card from this website (you will get 25% discount for your debitcard if you register through this link) https://cryptopay.me/join/c5da8602





Chapter II


This time a different goal and a different game plan. This time I go big or I go home. The goal is to farm enough money so I can run up to 30 accounts, buy a dedicated server and successfully bot for a month so everyone can see, how much money you can make from absolute 0!


2 weeks of botting (10 October - 24 October):

Ahh, here we fucking go again, chapter 2 boys!  First post here in a long time. I lied to you guys, I quit botting after 2 weeks, I was a bit tired of making money, bot now I`m back and still running #1 shopping script. This time I invested. 5 euros :-D. Bought 2 bonds. These 2 weeks I made like 50 euros because the script is crashing every night and instead of 1m/h (4 accs) I`m making around 650k/h (4 accs). I`m currently running 4 accounts, the future plan is to invest in a dedicated server so I can run 22 bots, that would be insane profit.

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