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    1. How many accounts can Dreambot run at once?Some scripter's on other webs put a maximum account limit and make you pay more to increase that limit.
    2. Which type of gold do you want: OSRS How much gold do you want: 20m Do you agree to my Terms of Service: Yes Have you added me on Skype: Yes
    3. diltune

      Buying 20m

      Pm me Skype: littled0011 Discord: Diltune
    4. gl dude, This is like ironman but for dreambot, looking forward to your progress.
    5. diltune

      Script Ideas

      I know they find it from playing the game, but that's very broad of an action or realization. I'm saying what made the person say, "...hey wait just a second, what's this?" Was it an accident, was it because they knew something their friend told them?
    6. diltune

      Script Ideas

      How did you guys stumble upon the ideas that you paid a pscripter to make, made on your own, or is safety kept inside your own head? Was it just from hunting for ideas, or did it just come to you? Were you just playing the game and you passed something that caught your eye? [The way you found them, not the actual script pls]
    7. Skype: littled0011
    8. diltune

      Buying 20m

      1:1 Add me on skype: littled0011
    9. Let me tell you something before you type. 1. I'm a windows fag and I don't know basic coding. 2. I obviously need best cost/performance, but also usable to a pleb like me 3. I want to run 10 accounts at a time I don't know if I need more than one vps, what specs will run x amount of bots, where I should be looking ect. Yes, I know linux or ubuntu runs better, should I learn how to code and then get one or just stick with windows vps? Any and all help is appreciated! Thank you!
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