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  • James...I am disappoint.


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    @James Statistics:


    James has been registered since November 13th, 2014. This means he has been registered for 38 days, or roughly 912 hours


    912 hours registered
    He has been online for 27 days and 3 hours, equating to 675 hours online
    675 out of 912 hours equates to about 74% of your day spent online on dreambot
    74% of your day equates to an average of 17.76 hours a day spent on dreambot.
    17.76 hours leaves you with 6.24 hours left in his day to be a normal human being. 
    Assuming all he does is browse dreambot and sleep, he sleeps about 6.24 hours a day on average. (this is inhumane)
    *note- 6.24 hours of sleep everyday is sleep deprivation.* 
    Lets put things into a more realistic perspective. James spends an average of 17.76 hours a day on dreambot, and the rest sleeping/eating/fapping.
    We can therefore conclude that @James can be associated with
    PS. You requested this :D
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