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  • lily's Tuna Melt Recipe


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    lily's Tuna Melt Recipe


    Canned tuna is in my opinion basically the best thing ever. Fresh fish anywhere in the world is awesome. So here's a recipe using the miracle that is canned tuna!



    - Is crazy delicious

    - Good source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    - Keeps you from dying of malnutrition

    - This one has no antiban so be careful




    - Things you'll need are: Canned tuna, Buns/Bread, Mayonnaise, Pickles, Celery, Mustard, and Cheese! (Some are needed more than others so mix and match)

    - Start by draining the canned tuna of the salt water it comes in, doesn't need to be bone dry but can't eat swimming fish

    - Dump the tuna into a bowl, and place in with it an amount of mayo you like, enough to make the tuna stick to itself

    - Slice up the pickles and celery into cubes or thin slices, and mix them in as well

    - Add in a little mustard (or better yet mustard seed!) and other spices you might want.

    - Mix well so that everything is one in the bowl.

    - Spread the tuna mixture over bread or buns, and place a slice of cheese atop it

    - Turn your oven on to broil, this will make the bread slightly crispy and melt the cheese

    Note: if you have an electric oven, leave the door slightly open while broiling

    - Don't broil it too long. Since we're basically just heating our tuna and melting the cheese, it can burn if you leave it too long

    - Remove, let cool somewhat, and enjoy!



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