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  • KC Scurrius [BETA] [1T Prayer flicking] [Best combat XP in game]


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    We are proud to present the BETA of KC Scurrius lite.
    Join our
    Discord for updates, bug fixes, and beta to other scripts

    Does scurrius, banks in Varrock, and picks up loot.
    Currently only Varrock teletab and Varrock teleport are supported.

    Current functions:
    - Banks and walks to Scurrius.
    - Inteligent safetile finding withing x radius of Scurrius for optimal combat.
    - Prayer flicks to safe on prayer points.
    - Kills all the rats, ignores them under X boss HP percentage.
    - Supports all food.
    - Supports both regular prayer potions and super restores.
    - Automatic looting, loots all items that are somewhat valuable, no need to fill it in.
    - Intelegent prayer while eating/doing other actions that interupt prayer flicking.
    - Minibreaks (or big breaks) for antiban.
    - Combat potion support.
    - Quickprayer flicking during melee phases.

    Upcoming functions:
    - Smart task system to train multiple skills.
    - Minibreaks for AntiBan.
    - Ironman mode to restore prayer using ardy cape after every fight.
    - More!

    1: Which food should the script eat, CASE SENSITIVE! example: Cooked karambwan
    2: How much food should we withdraw from the bank per trip? example: 12
    3: How many prayer potions are we gonna take per trip? example: 4
    4: Which kind of prayer potion should we take with us? CURRENTLY ONLY REGULAR PPOTS ARE AVAILABLE TO USE.
    5: Maximum amount of tiles away from Scurrius we will walk when the boulders fall down, should be short for melee since you want to stay in the attack range, 2 is ideal for melee, 5 for range/mage
    6: If the Scurrius's HP hits this level, we will ignore attacking the smaller rats. example: 15
    7: At which HP % should we start eating food? example: 40
    8: Untill how much HP % should we eat when we are eating? example: 45
    9: Which combat potions should we take with us? This is written down in this format: Potion one,6,Potion two,2 (this will bring 6x Potion one(4) and 2x Potion two(4)). example: Super combat potion,2
    10: Should we use combat potions? If enabled also fill in 9!
    11: Use 1 tick prayer flicking? This saves a ton of prayer potions, but might be more risky.
    12: Should we use quickprayers for melee phases instead of regular protect from melee? Allows you to use damage boosting prayers, will only do this for melee phases, it also flicks quickprayers if flicking mode is on!
    13: Should we pick up loot from Scurrius? Current drop list:
    "Rune med helm", "Adamant platebody", "Rune full helm", "Rune sq shield", "Rune chainbody", "Rune battleaxe", "Adamant arrow", "Rune arrow", "Chaos rune", "Death rune", "Law rune", "Prayer potion(4)", "Scurrius' spine", "Coins", "Shark", "Lobster"

    14: Should we use Varrock teleport tablets instead of regular teleports? Saves on inventory space.
    15: Should we enable small (configurable) breaks after each trip? Fill in 17/18/19/20!
    17 and 18: Lets say we fill in 1 and 4 here, that means that 1 out of 4 times (random roll) it will break on the configured locations.
    19 and 20: The time we break for, lets say we fill in 30 and 60, it will break somewhere in between those two numbers.



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    Just now, Szarikov said:

    Legendary release!

    Appreciate your comment man! Thank you very much.

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    KC Scurrius Beta has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v0.1 and is available in the client!

    • - Fixed bug with prayer pots (hotfix, only Prayer potions for now).

    Time since request was made: 35 minutes, 35 seconds

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