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    Any refund requests made without using this template will be automatically declined. This template is to make the process easier on you and our staff.

    Script Refund Request Template:

    1. Date Purchased:  02/16/24
    2. Script Purchased: cCBarrows [700k/hr][Muling][Auto Restocking][Loot Webhooks][Auto Bonding] (1 month)
    3. Script Creator (tag them with @): @camalCase
    4. Reason for Refund: poor script No customization options whatsoever, no GUI to pick equipment, prayers, supplies, foood, anti ban, one small gui that u can set up a weak muling system, overpriced, bot- like risky script
    5. Proof of Issues :no screenshots, Just learned about this forum template. So I’ll explain again… this is priced top dollar barrows script, that seemed kept up on. I own lifetimes with almost every good script writer here except CC, the forum didn’t say or show much figured I’d check his out.  I don’t use big farms, I have high level chars with a lot of time into them. I have arm bow, arm gear, brimstone, suffering, dharok obsidian etc etc. this script has no gui to pick anything. It wasted a sht ton of gold buying RUNE armor and blue d hide… wearing ring of dueling. Barrows is pretty complex not to be able to customize everything but I wouldn’t have even cared about that as long as it wasn’t trying to use gear from 60 levels ago. Tried making it use my good stuff for two hours couldn’t get it. So technically completely unused script. Just figured it’d be easy return. Seems more for big gold farms.  So I msg him to keep it private, no reply even tho sees it. Then I join the cord, where I ask if there’s an owner or team member to help me with refund, maybe 5 kids super defensive start slappin their lips.  Ignore them for an hour they don’t stop still no word, so I comment back stating my experience n truth and that I just wanted refund. As I replied got boooted from Discord. 
    6. Proof of Script Creator Contact (required: screenshots, videos, and/or links to replies):  there was a dm on here, a post on his wall, joined the discord etc. he replied almost instantly once I posted on his page. Saying I needed to do it this way and that’s why he didn’t reply
    7. Desired Outcome: Refund the money back to the same card used to purchase. Hope this doesn’t take to long really was looking forward to it. I would’ve rather been able to get helped in private. Had no idea this was the way to request. - first one I ever return out of thousands $
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