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    1. zhe sells sea shells by the sea shore that is the goal.
    2. no idea what you are talking about
    3. just dont use proxies, you dont need them under 10 bots
    4. listen jakei420, i like ya, i think you got spunk. but your business model just makes no sense! i give you the script and you press go? hey jake... i can press go!!!! my advice. put down the weed and pick up the Head First Java book, sorry jake. but im out!
    5. my confidence comes from running if (Walking.shouldWalk() && !Bank.isOpen()) { Bank.open(BankLocation.LUMBRIDGE) } return 600; and having it work perfectly. what you just said about lumbridge castle not having a Z value is completely false, there are debugger paints on the client that will show you your cords & in game explorer you are confused about how your script is running, cheers.
    6. no it doesnt. something else is happening in your script that is confusing you (probably you sleeping for 7 seconds after every step.)
    7. i bet it waits 7 seconds seconds before walking again, am i right?
    8. run the client with dblauncher.jar not client.jar
    9. 0 hours on 24 hours off is best for not getting banned 24/7 is best for anything else
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