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    1. you upload source to a private repo that you get here https://sdn.dreambot.org/scripts
    2. quickstart? https://dreambot.org/guides/user-guide/quickstart/
    3. you look at the guides, set up the dev environment and then start writing scripts, db api is braindead, you want to open the closest bank? Bank.openClosest() shits not rocket science. all methods are documented in https://dreambot.org/javadocs dont worry too much about learning oop concepts & shit that much, taking courses is boring ur better off just writing shit code and then refactoring every time you learn something new.
    4. i keep global variables in a singleton class 'Config' use setters and getters to pass change it in each tasknode see https://github.com/milasoft/looter/tree/31d590192b8f2b2fe795ea78eff3a5482aa19515/src/milasoft/looter for an example of this setup
    5. why? its outside any if statement to check if it is open. it looks like it should be open at that point but that log will print regardless. what the fuck? is this an antiban thing or for opening the chest in castle wars? does the dreambot bank location not work? idk if that causes an issue i just think its strange. if i understand correctly this checks if ur out of req items, if you are out stop then withdraw ur items, why not just wrap this in if (bank.openclosest()) then have else on the end of !Equipment.contains(rod_filter) for closing & equipping then onto next task or whatever, probably solve ur woes
    6. imo this will just obfuscate script quality and do more damage then good to your farm, people bot for 6 hours on a main account and get banned, people will run a priv script for a month straight and be fine, if your bots detected its just detected & you will want to know what script has the high ban rates. >min 350/hour okay, do you have a method for that, and accounts that can do that method, which brings me onto >15 accounts / week cost per account? if you're buying them this is a weekly bill to pay + membership codes ~$30/week >initial goal 294m/week whats this like $130usd right now? idk gold prices but you are after that $120 membership bill + dreambot vip you are breaking even at best here, these prices are off top of my head so they could be wrong but probably not, plus you wanted to buy proxies so ur in the hole. no offence friend but this is straight retarded, who buys ur scuffed vps over commercial ones?
    7. nerd. this sounds like an epic idea but so many people have had it and no one does it, what koschei said above about buying a used server is more reliable & powerful probably more cost effective as well. this thread gnar notes you need a raspberry pi 4 with atleast 1gb ram to even do run the bot client, you want 15 accounts running on 4 pis? id be impressed if they can run all that.
    8. maybe tmux, ive only used it on linux but i see online it can be used on windows, it wont separate by tabs rather split panes example .sh script for this kind of stuff, idk about batch probably similar/same tmux new-session -d -s htop-session 'htop'; # start new detached tmux session, run htop tmux split-window; # split the detached tmux session tmux send 'mousepad' ENTER; # send 2nd command 'mousepad' to 2nd pane. tmux a; # open (attach) tmux session.
    9. & resetting heroku postgres creds is 1 button press on control panel
    10. not really concerned about it, database just stores same information thats on script paint not alot anyone could with it
    11. Last week i built a class to use in my scripts to send in game info to a psql database then have that database displayed on a heroku free webapp so i could monitor my bots from anywhere in the world this is the class i made, note method sendLog() has alot of values hard coded and will likely need to be modified / removed if you're to use this for yourself https://github.com/Amoz3/DatabaseDB3/blob/master/src/main/java/classes/Database.java this is the PERN app i made to display my data, this should be ready to go to deploy to heroku w/ heroku postgres https://github.com/Amoz3/botting-logs-PERN-app heres an example script i made showing how i use the class https://github.com/Amoz3/Sardine-buyer-DatabaseDB3-example couple screenshots the gold atop the table is total gold, task is just like status for onpaint, age was grabbed using https://github.com/Amoz3/AgeDB3/blob/master/src/classes/Age.java this is pretty unorganised so if you have any questions or want help setting this up yourself dm me on here or @ Austin! (Smart!) (Cute!)#3057 on discord
    12. but what about the sweet sweet +rep's
    13. just the source when you upload a script you upload them to a dreambot repo not github, https://sdn.dreambot.org/scripters/scripts theres a section for something like "upload first script"/"request repo" you get your repo there
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