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    1. raids, all god wars dungeon bosses, the barrows bot on the sdn isnt the most maintained from what i hear black chins, revenants, all wilderness bosses med clue scroll bots fountain of rune alcher (alchs rune arrows at fountain of rune moves around after every alch and logs out quick to avoid pkers some shit i saw in a sir pugger vid) watching sir pugger videos and making any script he covers that isnt on the sdn pyramid plunder (idk if thats protfitable now) hallowed sepulchre lava dragons kourend favour getter a f2p bot that buys items from ge and sells them to stores, idk if AIO buyers really cover what im talking about here, buying like mith steel and iron med helms and selling to stores can get you 1m / hour in f2p but they take some time invested to buy the items off the ge no bots do the new runecrafting minigame yet nightmare and phosanis nightmare gauntlet LMS giant mole hunting implings, 1 account scouting and uses sockets to alert hunter accounts when a rare impling is by saw that in a pugger video jad & inferno killing the guys in the fight cave for obsidian shit killing those monkeys that drop black masks i dont think any bots do blast mine rn and its like 500k/hour killing that fossil island boss, idk how much gp an hour that is. karambwan 1 ticker would make ~500k / hr corporeal beast hunter AIO to my knowledge all of those scripts would have no completion, most of those would have some fairly large challenges to be good but if it was easy they'd already be written
    2. might fix it but i cant be sure. no changes happen when you still have an inventory slot and the code relating to the timer is only 2 lines & is normally a very stable thing. uncommon issue & if you are getting the same thing in other script it would lead me to believe something is corrupted in your install. thank you, glad you enjoy
    3. does this happen when the bot gets to a certain stage or at a certain runtime? runtime is working fine for me it could be your client
    4. had no idea it was doing this, going to check this out rn
    5. imo you are a sick sick individual try something like this public boolean closeTab() { if () { // check if the tabs are not* open, idk what widget that would be return true; } WidgetChild tab = Tabs.getOpen().getWidgetChild(); if (tab != null && tab.isVisible() && tab.interact) { return true; // maybe check again if the tabs actually closed } return false; }
    6. what do you mean close tabs? is that a modern layout thing? if so the answer is to use classic layout
    7. what testing? the code you posted has no logging. you said it hangs if i did get out of that loop it wouldnt hang it would start interacting with the priest maybe
    8. you can buy vouchers from 3rd parties with a varity of different payment methods, https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/132-vouchers/
    9. 1. you are using DB2 methods to get an instance of different classes, the api is static now so you dont need to do that (getTabs().open() should just be Tabs.open() same getDialogues should just be Dialogues etc) 2. using while loops is discouraged and is generally a good way to get your script stuck. i think on tutorial island you are almost always in a dialogue because the chatbox always is covered telling you what to do / who to talk to, your script is probably stuck in the while loop above your open the prayer tab step
    10. youll have to post code. that method works fine your issue is most likely the logic of your script
    11. yes yes Depends on what you want to build. also depends on what you mean by advanced java. but really no, your knowledge becomes "advanced" as a result of practice, finding problems and then solving them. theres no way to learn advanced concepts without building simple things. yup. https://dreambot.org/guides/scripter-guide/script-dev/setting-up-dev-env/ dreambot guides on how to get ur first script going https://dreambot.org/javadocs/allclasses-noframe.html this is a searchable list of all classes and methods you will need to write scripts. https://discord.gg/wvZaH3W this is the dreambot edu discord server, here you can ask questions on how to do stuff and get answers quickly https://github.com/milasoft/looter/blob/master/src/milasoft/looter this is my favourite example script. its old so you dont want to copy the actual methods in it. e.g. getBank().open is using the old dreambot api, now it would be Bank.open(), but the overall way the script is designed gives you a good idea on how to do some more complex things
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