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    Hunts Herbiboar on Fossil island. Averages 115k - 125k Hunter XP/H and up to 500k GP/H depending on Herblore level.


    Herb sack support

    Magic secateurs support 

    Stamina potion support

    Hunter potion support

    Adjustable anti-ban

    End script after X minutes


    Script uses human-like delays and AFKing

    Script utilizes unique account data to randomize patterns making every account unique

    Customizable value between 250-1000. Lower the value, more often it will activate.

    Minimum requirements

    80 Hunter

    31 Herblore (higher is recommended for more GP/H)

    Completion of Bone Voyage

    Construction of bank chest on Fossil island

    Start script on Fossil island

    Minimum 6 free inventory slots

    Recommended set-up:

    Full graceful (High agility also is recommended)

    Magic secateurs equipped (but not required)

    Herb sack in inventory (but not required)

    Stamina potions in bank or inventory (but not required)

    GUI Set-up:

    Use Stamina potions - Y/N. If you want to use them, Have them in the bank

    # Staminas to use - How many to withdraw every time we bank

    Anti-ban chance - Between 250 and 1000. Higher means less frequent occurrence. 

    Antiban enabled - Y or N

    End script after - Y or N (Enter value in Minutes if Y)



    Reporting issues:

    If you encounter any issues with the script please take note of the console logs and provide them. If the issue is with a particular step in the script it is also helpful to know the exact game object it is having issues with. It can be hard to replicate issues due to the huge amount of varied paths when hunting Herbiboar





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    MaxHerbiboar has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v1.01 and is available in the client!

    • GUI Fix

    Time since request was made: 14 hours, 35 minutes, 56 seconds

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    • MaximusPrimo changed the title to 🐗🌿MaxHerbiboar | Up to 500k GP/H | [ANTI-BAN] [HERB SACK SUPPORT] [STAMINA SUPPORT][HUNTER POTION SUPPORT]🌿🐗

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