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  • Still not working? Try downloading and running JarFix
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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  • G Callisto [Just Click Start] [Easy Setup] [Anti-PK] [3-5M GP Per Hour] [QuickStart Supported]

    Nuclear Nezz

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    Extremely customizable and Easy-To-Use

    Auto-creation of default settings file with GUI

    QUICK START capable with settings file names - able to edit all available settings

    Easy-to-use SAVE/LOAD buttons on GUI to set up individual settings



    Make sure you're running GMuling at the same time on the same PC

    The username of the mule must be entered correctly in the script GUI/settings - case insensitive

    Port parameter is optional and should only be used if you experience port conflicts

    This script will walk to the mule's location, so make sure it's in a safe and reachable position












    Can easily be run through both QUICK START and NORMAL START button



    For custom settings, add -params yourfile.json to your quickstart file

    For default settings, add -params default to your quickstart file

    Example (Windows):

    java -Xmx768M -jar %userprofile%\Dreambot\BotData\client.jar -world members -script GCallisto -accountUser [email protected] -accountPass password -params default



    Just click the START button and the GUI will pop up with the default settings. There's a drop-down to load any custom files you created.

    When you're ready just click START!

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    This script dont work at all i have tryed 10 different items etc its just start and stop this script at ferox enclave nothing hapen just waste of my time ...

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    GCallisto has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v1.3 and is available in the client!

    • Force peek disable removed for leader of clan.
    • Pray magic while running through Green Dragons
    • Added negative weights to useless boots
    • Fix some teleports (rev cave teleport was one of them)
    • Added blessed hide boots
    • Anti-pk will now walk to the bank instead of just standing around waiting to hop once it has escaped.
    • Increase Bandos weight so it always rolls over Obsidian (if you have your limit set to afford it)
    • Display a warning if your attack level is 60, your def is 1, or cleanly divisible by 5, and you have attack rolling enabled.
    • Add gear selector
    • Keep protect item on at all times not within the wilderness
    • Pray mage through dragons
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    GCallisto has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v1.4 and is available in the client!

    • Added prayer suicide threshold parameter (Stop eating at effective prayer). If you are being attacked by a player, and your effective on-hand prayer is lower than the value you define, you will stop eating. This is to suicide to make sure your account doesn't get smited.
    • Added myth cape and brimstone ring
    • Added dwh as a primary spec weapon
    • Fixed issue with trouver parchment stopping script if it takes too long
    • Improved grouping logic
    • Added optional (hop while inside) parameter. If true the script will try to hop to the leader while inside the boss arena, as long as it's not currently fighting or looting.
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