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    Hey everyone, I'd like to first apologize for the downtime lately, we've been under attack for quite a few days now.


    I've managed to fully stop all 3 methods they've been using up to now, and I just finished blocking their latest.


    I can't say for sure that they're over (it'd be naive of me to even think that), and I'm sure whoever is doing this probably has more tricks up their sleeve, but I just wanted to let everyone know the situation. I'm actively monitoring and working on any attacks that happen, and I've been in close contact with our server provider to help harden our security.


    Thanks and sorry again, 


    The Dream Team


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    Yeah, whoever this is, is by far the biggest douche in the world, hopefully he decides to grow up and give his booter a rest. Thanks Panda and keep it up

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    I dont see how people can enjoy doing pointless shit like this -_-

    It's probably not being doing because someone enjoys it, it's likely to be competition trying to stop Dreambot from becoming bigger.

    Which is, well, effective if they succeed.


    /e: Almost forgot; Keep it up, I'm sure they (whoever that might be) will give up eventually.



    Funny how all bot sites keep going down except one...


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    Oh crap.. So that's what's going on lately.. I thought this was just like time-outs and stuff.


    Anyway I think for the people who consider ddosing in this particular way is pointless, are wrong. Think about it: If any other client provider manages to take down a better client (dreambot ofc), they will be more powerful as people tend to hop over to their client. It's not that hard to understand, so it definitely is for a purpose, however I do believe so.


    Anyway OP: great job, I love the way the staff of this client handles problems and providing us information! Thank you for that in advance!

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