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  • Still not working? Try downloading and running JarFix
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
  • How to purchase with PayPal/OSRS/Crypto gold? You can purchase vouchers from other users
  • Gains AIO Fletching [All items] - [1-Tick fletching] - [Bolt tipping] - [Gem cutting] - [G.E. support] - [Task system] - [QuickStart]


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    All bows - All crossbows - All arrows - All darts - All bolts - All javelins - All shields - Bolt tipping - Gem cutting




    • Trains Fletching with a progressive task system.
    • When the desired level has been reached or X amount of items have been processed, the bot will start the next task.
    • You can save the task list and settings to a text file and load them quickly.
    • Supports any equipment, for example, jewelry for teleporting.
    • Supports the buying and selling of items in the Grand Exchange.
    • Supports QuickStart.
    • Supports 1-tick dart fletching (the best Fletching experience per hour in the game).



    • None.



    • Have the required items in the bank.
    • If making darts, make sure you have disabled this setting:



    Items supported:


    Bronze arrow inventory imageIron arrow inventory imageSteel arrow inventory imageMithril arrow inventory imageBroad arrows inventory imageAdamant arrow inventory imageRune arrow inventory imageAmethyst arrow inventory imageDragon arrow inventory image


    Shortbow inventory imageLongbow inventory imageOak shortbow inventory imageOak longbow inventory imageWillow shortbow inventory imageWillow longbow inventory imageMaple shortbow inventory imageMaple longbow inventory imageYew shortbow inventory imageYew longbow inventory imageMagic shortbow inventory imageMagic longbow inventory image


    Bronze crossbow inventory imageBlurite crossbow inventory imageIron crossbow inventory imageSteel crossbow inventory imageMithril crossbow inventory imageAdamant crossbow inventory imageRune crossbow inventory imageDragon crossbow inventory image


    Bronze javelin inventory imageIron javelin inventory imageSteel javelin inventory imageMithril javelin inventory imageAdamant javelin inventory imageRune javelin inventory imageAmethyst javelin inventory imageDragon javelin inventory image


    Bronze dart inventory imageIron dart inventory imageSteel dart inventory imageMithril dart inventory imageAdamant dart inventory imageRune dart inventory imageAmethyst dart inventory imageDragon dart inventory image


    Bronze bolts inventory imageBlurite bolts inventory imageIron bolts inventory imageSilver bolts inventory imageSteel bolts inventory imageMithril bolts inventory imageBroad bolts inventory imageAdamant bolts inventory imageRunite bolts inventory imageDragon bolts inventory image

    Tipped bolts

    Opal bolts inventory imageJade bolts inventory imagePearl bolts inventory imageTopaz bolts inventory imageSapphire bolts inventory imageEmerald bolts inventory imageRuby bolts inventory imageDiamond bolts inventory imageDragonstone bolts inventory imageOnyx bolts inventory imageOpal dragon bolts inventory imageJade dragon bolts inventory imagePearl dragon bolts inventory imageTopaz dragon bolts inventory imageSapphire dragon bolts inventory imageEmerald dragon bolts inventory imageRuby dragon bolts inventory imageDiamond dragon bolts inventory imageDragonstone dragon bolts inventory imageOnyx dragon bolts inventory image

    Bolt tips

    Opal bolt tipsJade bolt tipsPearl bolt tipsTopaz bolt tipsSapphire bolt tipsEmerald bolt tipsRuby bolt tipsDiamond bolt tipsDragonstone bolt tipsOnyx bolt tips


    Oak shield.pngWillow shield inventory imageMaple shield inventory imageYew shield inventory imageMagic shield inventory imageRedwood shield inventory image













    @Ginge1994 A* for fletching bot! level 85 running for 8-12hrs a time. perfect



    • Fill out the form and save the task list and settings to a text file.
    • Open the text file and copy everything.
    • Add -params "" at the end of your QuickStart file.
    • Paste the settings inside the quotation marks.
    • Example: -params "Tasks:1. Maple logs + Knife = Maple longbow (u) (250 items);2. Maple longbow (u) + Bow string = Maple longbow (250 items);3. Mithril bolts (unf) + Feather = Mithril bolts (500 items);4. Emerald + Chisel = Emerald bolt tips (100 items);5. Mithril bolts + Emerald bolt tips = Emerald bolts (500 items) # Settings:true;50;30;120;70;2"
    • You can edit the text manually but it has to be perfect, otherwise it won't work.


    Click here to leave a review for the script


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    Just got banned for 24hrs using this bot, was making bolt tips and longbow (u) 2/3hrs a time twice a day whilst i was working on 2nd screen, used the antiban (randomised %'s every time), watched myself get banned. used for 2 days just to help out.

    Edited by Ginge1994
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    • 1 month later...
    13 minutes ago, Berserkeer said:

    doesnt work just spams all tasks complete and logs just not worth the risk tbh

    What kind of task are you trying to do?

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    • 1 month later...
    4 hours ago, slimdaddy91 said:

    seems to click nife then start fletching and repeatss that 2 more times after its making bows.... 

    I'll take a look at it

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    • 3 weeks later...
    Gains AIO Fletching has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v1.0 and is available in the client!

    • Small improvements

    Time since request was made: 12 hours, 32 minutes, 26 seconds

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