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  • 👑Dreamy Guardians Of The Rift 👑| 1 click Guardians Of The Rift | Account building | Purchasing rewards | Pulling rewards | All altars | UIM mode | Portals | GE support | Pickaxe upgrading | 


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    | 1 click Guardians Of The Rift | Account building | Purchasing rewards | Pulling rewards |All altars | UIM mode | Portals | GE support | Pickaxe upgrading | Dragon pickaxe special attack | 



    This script is an 1 click Guardians Of The Rift mini game completer, you can build GOTR accounts and play the minigame. The script knows which requirement is missing and it will complete it.



    • One click Account building( Does everything needed for the minigame)
    • All altars (Automatically detects if you can enter current altar)
    • Deposit runes
    • UIM mode (Won't use the deposit pool. This is only for the minigame NOT for the quests)
    • Huge guardian remains portals
    • Custom fragments amount
    • Large guardian remains (Automatically detects if you have the requirement)
    • Automatically pickaxe upgrade (If pickaxe is not in the bank it will purchase it from the G.E)
    • GE support
    • Place cell support/Make guardians (Extra RC and crafting EXP)
    • Dragon pickaxe special attack
    • Auto points balancing
    • Pulling rewards
    • Purchasing rewards from the shop
    • Stop settings after X amount of games 
    • Stop settings after X amount of hours

    Account builder features:

    • Rune Mysteries Quest
    • Enter the Abbys Quest
    • Temple of Eye Quest
    • Get requirements for Temple of Eye quest
    • Automatically goes to the minigame



    • This script can be run on 10 HP but no guarantees, I highly suggest around 20.
    • Have atleast 500k in your bank (This is needed for the quests)
    • Do not have the quests started.
    • Do not break/interrupt when it's doing quests. (Breaks are already disabled by default)



    Rank 7 HS







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