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  • Limbs' Command Executor (LITE)


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    Console GUI :





    Features :

    • GUI console which handles inputting commands and an output area which displays all logs, errors, etc.
    • Few buttons in the GUI: Copy logs, Clear logs, and Open logs folder
      • The console will auto create a log file after 255 lines.
      • Color changer button, customize some of the aspects of the console to your liking!
    • Suggestive text listener for ease of command input and also a drop down box for manually selecting elements.
      • Over 3.7k item names to select from! 
    • Few fun commands to try and combine manual play and automated/bot-like play.
    • Commands to automate tedious tasks like woodcutting, dropping items, buying items, walking to areas, banking & more!


    • This is the LITE version and the full version will come out with a ton more features when I decide to go for Scripter+ 

    FAQ :


    Will there be any additional commands added ?

    -I do NOT plan to add any additional commands to the LITE version of this script. That being said, I WILL add fixes, or enhance any existing commands if necessary.

    -I WILL accept suggestions for additional command ideas for the Full version.


    How do I use this command? 

    -The commands have a built in explanation on how to use them when you type in the command incorrectly. If you do not have the required amount of parameters for the command to run, it will display a message telling you what you are missing.


    My command doesn't stop when typing /stop or /dispose, why?

    -Sometimes you have to wait until the script is finished with a loop for the /stop command to process.

    -This can take ~20 seconds depending which command you are using.


    How do I report an error or a bug?

    Send me a pm here on forum.

    If you need immediate help, or just prefer to use discord :

    Add me on discord Limbs#2516



    Commands :


    Available Commands :


    /commands : Displays This Message At Anytime. 

    /go, /walk : Walks To The Specified Area And Stops. Eats Food If Gets Below 50%. 

    /bank : Walks To The Nearest Bank, Opens, Then Stops. 

    /buyitem : Buys A Specified Item From The Ge. Offers 20% More Than Cost. 

    /dispose, /stop : Stops Any Running Command Instantly. If You Are In A Loop In The Script You May Have To Wait A Second For The Command To Stop. 

    /dropall : Drops All Items Out Of Your Inventory. 

    /dropore : Drops All 'ores' Out Of Your Inventory. 

    /droplogs : Drops Only 'logs' Out Of Your Inventory. 

    /dropfish : Drops All Fish Out Of Your Inventory. Cooked, Burnt, Or Raw. 

    /dropburnt : Drops Only 'burnt' Food Out Of Your Inventory. 

    /fire : Lights All The Logs In Your Inventory On Fire. 
    Must Have A Tinderbox And Logs In Inventory. 

    /loot : Loots All Items Within The Given Radius, Can Also Specify The MIN Item Value Before Looting.

    /afk : Goes Afk. Implements Random Anti-ban Actions To Keep You From Disconnecting From The Game. 

    /spy : Spies On A Player To Retrieve Info About Their Stats, Also Shows Their Gear And Gear Value.

    /pchop : Will Chop Any Tree That You Specify And Drop Logs When Inventory Is Full. 
    Use '/pchop' For More Info

    /cook : Cooks Any Food That Is In Your Inventory, Stops When You're Out.

    /pcook : Cooks Any Food That You Specify, Drops Burnt When Done Cooking, And Banks When Inventory Is Out Of Food. 
    Must Have Uncooked Food In Bank .

    /chop : Will Chop Any Tree That You Specify And Stop When Your Inventory Is Full.

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    Limbs' Command Executor (LITE) has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v1.0 and is available in the client!

    • fixed misc start up error.
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    Limbs' Command Executor (LITE) has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v1.0 and is available in the client!

    • optimization fixes to console
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