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  • 👑Dreamy Slayer👑| All Mazchna tasks | Profiles | Teleports | Stronghold |


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    | All Mazchna tasks | Profiles | Teleports | Stronghold | 



    This script can do all tasks from Mazchna slayer master. Below is a list of all the tasks.

    Did you know this script is also part of Dreamy AIO Skiller Elite? See here



    • All Mazchna tasks.
    • Anti-potions support.
    • Item finisher.
    • Will use different teleports.
    • Stop script when run out of items.

    Items needed:

    • Waterskins(4)
    • Food
    • Lumbridge teletabs
    • Camelot teletabs
    • Varrock teletabs
    • Falador teletabs
    • Salve graveyard teletab
    • Coins
    • Lit candle lantern
    • Spiny helmet
    • Necklace of passage
    • Earmuffs
    • Insulated boots
    • Mirror shield
    • Mort'on teletab
    • Bag of salt
    • Ice cooler

    NPC list

    • Banshee
    • Bat
    • Bear
    • Catablepon
    • Cave bug
    • Cave crawler
    • Cave slime
    • Cockatrice
    • Crawling Hand
    • Desert lizard
    • Dogs
    • Earth warrior(Warning: WILDY TASK, block this if you do not want the script to do this task)
    • Flesh crawler
    • Ghost
    • Ghoul
    • Hill Giant
    • Ice warrior
    • Kalphites
    • Killerwatt
    • Mogres
    • Pyrefiend
    • Rockslug
    • Scorpion
    • Vampyre
    • Wall Beast
    • Wolf
    • Zombie
    • Hobgoblins
    • Shade
    • Skeleton


    Note: Please make sure you have atleast more then 10+ salve graveyard teletabs in your inventory and the slayer Enchanted gem)







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