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  • [Free] SomAgilityPyramid - 160k+ gp/hr - 25k+ xp/hr - Banking


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    Runs the agility pyramid for 160k+ gp/hr, 25k+ agility xp/hr, banks at Nardah for food and waterskins.


    • 24+ Hitpoints
      • Death is too likely with lower HP, completing Witch's House gets you straight to 24 hp
    • 30+ Agility
      • This is bare minimum, higher agility gives more gp/hr and xp/hr
    • Food and Waterskin(4)'s in bank
    • Start at the agility pyramid
    • You have to have gone through Simon Templeton’s dialogue once so that you can sell the pyramid tops with one click. 


    • GUI to enter the name of the food you want to eat
      • Case sensitive
      • Supports all food items with the option "eat"
        • For example, will eat all slices of cake or halves of pies. Enter the full food name such as "Cake" or "Summer pie" so it knows what to withdraw from the bank!
    • Banks before running completely out of food and waterskins to avoid deaths
    • Script ends when out of food or waterskin(4)s
    • Tons of anti-death failsafes
      • Extremely HCIM friendly


    If you use this script, drop any progress screenshots in the comments!

    pyramid1hr.png.a41d33104735aaad79bd1665aabd0d5a.png pyramid3hr.png.705cb45767d58cb2b5e1c3e446ff771f.png3122222.PNG.fe3fc4c8edd06eab5f883a6e0b1650ee.PNG312222222.PNG.c178a4adad74eeb552e581acf75a4733.PNG


    Live on the SDN

    Edited by osrssom
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    5 hours ago, demon slayer2 said:

    try to run client just logs out everytime  

    The script only logs out if you start without the food you specified in your inventory.

    Just updated the script to only log out if you're out of the specified food in your bank or you're out of food in your inventory and your HP drops to 10 or below to avoid deaths. Once DreamBot recompiles the script this will be active but for now just make sure you're starting with the food you're using in your inventory!

    4 hours ago, Botray said:

    Why is the script so slow? Takes about 15 seconds to interact with the next step on the course

    The script occasionally idles shortly between obstacles, but shouldn't be taking 15 seconds ever. How much gp/hour are you getting and at what agility level?

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    SomAgilityPyramid has been updated and is now live on the SDN!

    It's currently at v1.1 and is available in the client!

    • Will no longer incorrectly log out on start
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    7 hours ago, booknar said:

    all it did was just eat my food when i had full hp?

    what’s your HP level? the script requirements mention 24+ HP

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