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    1. In banking, instead of if (bankBooth.interact("Bank")) { sleep(Calculations.random(350, 700)); //todo make better } use if (bankBooth.interact("Bank")) { sleepUntil(() -> Bank.isOpen(), 4000); } When dropping all inventory items you can create drop patterns to make the bot more human-like. Instead of Walking.walk(WoodCutter.stairsArea.getRandomTile()); sleep(Calculations.random(350, 700)); //todo make better try do { Walking.walk(WoodCutter.stairsArea.getRandomTile()); sleepUntil(WoodCutter.stairsArea.contains(getLocalPlayer())); } while (!WoodCutter.stairsArea.contains(getLocalPlayer())); ^You should always use a do-while loop for walking, it would be good to implement this throughout the rest of your script. Overall, good start and good structure
    2. Welcome! Not sure if a discord for scripters exists but that might be good to create
    3. I would love to speak more about this, hit me up via message or on discord: sams#9133
    4. Before making all these initial investments I would probably try out a proof of concept at least. Run your plan on a small scale for a few weeks with absolutely minimal investment and see how it goes, there are lots of potential issues to hash out before you make a larger investment.
    5. Here's a version without any deprecated methods or compilation errors! Going to be messing around with this so I figured I would post this for usability.
    6. As the person above said, I wouldn't recommend botting your GIM if your friends will be pissed if you get banned. However, if you do, many of the scripts on the SDN will work fine. If there is anything specific you would like made which you can't find on the SDN, or if you want a bot made just for you so that others don't have access to it, either message me on here or on discord (sams#9133) and I could probably help out!
    7. Splashes stun spells while casting high level alchemy for great xp/hour Welcome to my first script on DreamBot! I recently came back to OSRS but I don't have time for the long grinds required to reach the content I want to play, so I'll be scripting these tasks for myself and figured I might as well give back by releasing them as I create them. I've played for ~14 years off and on, used to script for another botting site, and have computer science and data science degrees - so hopefully I can create some useful bots for y'all! This first one is pretty simple. Requirements Start next to the NPC you want to splash on Works best at locations similar to the Monk of Zamorak in Varrock Palace Start with the item you want to alch, as well as runes/staves/etc required for casting Nats, fires, waters, earths, souls Cheapest way is Mud battlestaff + Tome of fire with nats and souls in your inventory Having the item to alch in inventory slot 12 or 16 makes the script look more human-like Don't have valuable/important items next to the alchables as the script occasionally misclicks Have 66+ magic Features Progressive spell selection Casts the best stun spell you can (Vulnerability at 66, Enfeeble at 73, and Stun at 80) GUI to enter names of the item to alch and monster to attack Case sensitive Human-like idling Randomly idles anywhere from 2 seconds to 2.5 minutes without too much impact to xp/hour Feel free to request any features! Things like world hopping from crashers could be added, but I only bot to the side while I work from home so I'm always babysitting. Proggies If you use this script drop any progress screenshots in the comments! Quick GIF of script in action Now available on the SDN Code: Feel free to add the script locally. Also looking for any constructive criticism as I haven't used Java since sophomore year of undergrad and haven't scripted bots since around the same time
    8. osrssom

      @ Alcher

      It seems like the mouse interactions would be more realistic if it barely moved with the item placed in the inventory in the same coords as the alch spell, the way that most people afk alch clicking the same spot. Edit: Nevermind, after running for 20 minutes the mouse has stopped moving so much.
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