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    Hey everyone,

    So one of the things I want the script I'm making to do is PK.

    I created a method to scan and find players that are within combat level to attack based on the wilderness level you're in, and I sort it to prioritize the lowest combat. The player will then attack the target player. However...

    I have 2 things I'd like to do but am struggling to find any dreambot methods to do so:

    1. How to get a list of what target player's equipment is, it would be nice to know if they are using melee / range / mage so I know what type of weapon / armor / prayer to use

    2. How to get target's skill levels, so I can know what their max hit is (will likely have to know equipment for this, but I can speculate even without)

    Would appreciate any help,

    Thank you :)

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    List<String> itemNames = new ArrayList<>();
    int[] playerAppearance = player.getComposite().getAppearance();
    if (playerAppearance != null) {
        for (int equipmentID : playerAppearance) {
            int  formattedID = equipmentID - 512;
            Item itemName = new  Item(formattedID,1);
            if (formattedID > 0) {

    This will get you the names of the the player , you just have to modify the second line to the nearby player you are trying to get the equipment for 


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    1 hour ago, Axolotl said:

    @Hosfad Thank you!! Had a feeling it was something simple, but couldn't for the life of me find it. Will test it out later tonight :)

    @Hosfad Any chance you also know how to get their skill levels?

    You'd more than likely have to use a hiscores query.

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    23 hours ago, Pseudo said:

    You'd more than likely have to use a hiscores query.


    20 hours ago, braveheart said:

    You can use this for stats: https://secure.runescape.com/m=hiscore_oldschool/index_lite.ws?player=X where X is the player's name.

    Thank you guys for the response, but do you know if there are any DreamBot methods for requesting highscore querys / getting return result?

    I can definitely do this myself as it's just grabbing the html text off the website and parsing it, but I feel like it would be a very useful thing to have built in. Figured I'd ask first is all before coding what could be redundant stuff :)


    All good here, created a method to parse the url response. Thank you both for the helpful suggestions with getting skills @Pseudo and @braveheart.
    Your link was really helpful for removing redundant info needing to be parsed :)

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