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  • [FREE] ClayDemon - Easiest F2P Clay Mining Script


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    Ever feel the need to relentlessly slam clay at the Rimmington mines?
    Me too! So I made ClayDemon, the easiest free clay mining script.

    Runs to Rimmington, mines clay, waits for mule, trades clay to mule, mines more clay.

    * Up to 100k per hour, depending on mining lvl *



    - NEW: Solo Mode ... Enable this to run the script without a mule!
    Bot will bank in Port Sarim. Running this script without a mule will result in higher ban rates.

    - Aesthetically pleasing GUI! Press the X to hide GUI, and the Eye to reopen it
    - Shows estimated clay per hour
    - Shows total profit and profit per hour
    - Shows current mining level and levels gained
    - Shows number of successfully completed trades
    - Logs in console when you get a gem

    Set Up:


    You will need...
    - A Non-Trade Restricted account (or 2, with the mule)
    - A Pickaxe in your inventory or equipped
    Empty inventory (except pickaxe if not equipped)


    1. Start the script anywhere and input the name of your mule bot/banker. 
    I recommend using my free muling script SimpleMule, which you can find on the SDN.
    Very easy set up that is made to work with ClayDemon. Example below with player MinerMike420:

       ClayDemon_SetUp.PNG.71ee1a57397d40f6b6d895399af4803b.PNG  +   SimpleMule_GUI2.PNG.d1c40b1c0b7ee81c36f73edd31e0d1fe.PNG

    2. Click "Start!" in the GUI and begin mining.


    21 Mining + Mithril Pick = 500+ clay per hour        -->   (87.5k/hour at 175gp each)
    31 Mining + Adamant Pick = 600+ clay per hour   -->   (105k/hour at 175gp each)




    --> https://discord.gg/BBqTX5cGSa <--
    Join my Discord to ask me questions or post suggestions!


    Let me know any suggestions or comments to help me improve the script!
    Thanks for using ClayDemon

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    8 hours ago, romanaka3 said:

    I will try tonight :)
    Also SimpleMuler coundnt find it

    Sorry about that, SimpleMule script should have gone live at the same time but there was an error with the SDN request. It will be available tomorrow probably! 
    Then ClayDemon script should trade SimpleMule when inv is full.

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    • 3 weeks later...
    12 hours ago, reyrey619 said:

    hey man it keeps trying to mine clay with full invy

    doesn't go to the mule in port sarim

    The ClayDemon bot never leaves Rimmington mines. Your mule has to meet the bot in the mine. I recommend using my basic muling script SimpleMule , its made to work with this script. 

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