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    1. hey well you could add a few little things to help the proceess aalong like a few things that are more human like random times were they will make mistakes clicking or clickiong the maps in diffrent ways not always following the exact same steps and mouse movments?
    2. banned instantly. improve algorithm its to bot like. make them do odd things from time to time.
    3. umm hes correct. it ran perfectly at the start now as soonas i try to start it when i even hit tutorial island it will keep me there do nothing or logme out or glitch out and cntiounly trying to change options if i make the ac myself and start it to talk to tutorail tutor.
    4. so finished after 3 hour traili made 185 runes lmao but it kept running into mueseum ndcollection the shit on the wall beforeit would restock i would buy this burt i had to watch thisprettyhard if u can fix thisissue let me trailit on anotheracc i will buy.
    5. hey how come i cant click link to get 24 hour trial as id like to see the ban rate thanks also somequests will get stuck and then u cant continue them....
    6. it banned my acc on first trial within 3 hours... thats with breaks ect good idea good thinking but im not into suicding bots unless tthey can make me more than there bonds before they get slammed iv got a screenshot also if needed
    7. hey so im curious about this one and tbh if it can do what its showing id happily pay for it if u could give me a trail so i can test ban rate dont want to all that cash if its ban rate is 9/10 if u get me looks great from what i can see and i do a bit of coding myself so im actually very curious about this looks good mate
    8. Hey really quick at leveling all stats/minigames bosses and all fire capes at level 17 with ease can do void quick alot of what you offer I have started to already make my own Regards
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