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  • [DB3] Bun Blast Furnace [Restocking] [Muling] [Coal Bag] [Ice Gloves]


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    A robust Blast Furnace script supporting GE restocking and automated muling.

    Available on the SDN, click here to purchase.






    Supports everything you want a Blast Furnace script to.

    - All bars (except bronze) -

    - Coal bag -

    - Ice gloves  -

    - Stamina potions -

     - Refilling coffer -


    Automated Muling

    Integrated with Bun Mule.

    - Automatically request & receive items from mule

    - Automatically offload items to mule

    - Fully customizable


    Grand Exchange

    Automatically restock any items, including hides, stamina potions, and teleport jewellery.

    - Customizable buy & sell prices

    - Supports multiple retries with adjusted prices

    - Sells items listed in GUI


    Intelligent Traversal

    Always takes the most optimal route between locations.

    - Makes use of any available teleports


    Anti-Ban & Anti-Pattern

    Utilizes next-level cloud based services designed to help you blend in while botting.

    - Each account plays differently, and behaviour gradually shifts over time

    - Natural mouse algorithms

    - Simulates humanlike idles and fatigue

    - Mimics human timings



    30 Smithing.

    Partial completion of The Giant Dwarf quest.








       Setup Guide


    You should start the script at Blast Furnace or the Grand Exchange.

    Tips for highest gp/hr:

    1. Use resizable mode
    2. Enable transparent & click-through chatbox
    3. Enable "Esc closes the current interface" option
    4. Enable shift-click interaction for instant emptying of the coal bag
    5. Zoom out as far as possible, this helps the script to run faster by not needing rotate the camera all the time
    6. Increase mouse speed in DreamBot settings




    How to use QuickStart:

    1. Add this to your launch args: -params config=name
    2. Replace name with the filename of the desired config





    • Added several anti-ban features, including; human timings, human idles, and randomized pathing
    • Improved GE handling & options
    • Improved muling & options
    • Improved smart web & optimized calculation speed
    • Opened version of coal bag is now compatible with the script


    • Improved stamina potion handling
    • Bug fixes


    • Improved bar retrieval logic resulting in significant speedup, and resolves issue where it could be slown down by dialogue
    • Stamina potion is now consumed at bank rather than withdrawn


    • Initial release


    Edited by Bunnybun
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    • Bunnybun changed the title to [DB3] Bun Blast Furnace [Restocking] [Muling] [Coal Bag] [Ice Gloves]
    On 2/22/2021 at 10:55 AM, wet4t34 said:

    Is this better than the tanning script? I am trying not to get banned within 3 hours.

    In my personal opinion, this makes more GP. But for tanning, try to go to a much less populated world/area.

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    36 minutes ago, Wes7enn said:

    everytime i start the script it opens the bank and it says script threw an error contact script writer

    Is your coal bag opened? It needs to be closed. If it's something else PM me a screenshot of the logger (open with Ctrl + L).

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    • 2 weeks later...

    This is doing a sad 850 bars/hr for steel w/o gloves/coal bag. Why is this so slow? If its the best it can do, id like a refund.

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