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    All Food Recipes & Steps (Ironman Support)

    This script will cook all food currently available within the game, Food with multiple steps can be configured to use the entire recipe or just a single step (i.e make Summer pie from scratch or cook tuna & add to butter potato) to support ironman who need more flexibility in how they cook.

    Salmon.png?8ed0d Fish

    Plain_pizza.png?9db03 Pizza

    Tuna_potato.png?16593 Potatoes

    - Admiral_pie.png?d78d1 Pies

    - Jug_of_wine.png?a1091 Wine

    Fried_mushrooms.png?14fe6 Ingredients


    Task Queueing & Presets

    Queue up a series of tasks to be completed depending on the accounts level, the script will intelligently switch to the best available recipe, check for any items to sell or mule & restock with any items needed for the next task. Dont want to input all the tasks manually? make use of the many available presets to quickly select a leveling method from 1-99



    All Locations


    - Catherby

    - Cooks Guild

    - Hosidius

    - Lumbridge Castle (Cooks Range)

    - Lumbridge Town

    - Rogues Den

    - Tzhaar

    - Wintertodt

    Missing a location? DM me and ill add it!


    Progressive Mode

    Progessive mode will take an account from 1 to 99 Cooking based on the courses setup within the GUI. The script will handle all traveling to locations and purchasing of items. All recipies are fully modular so select the steps you wish to complete and the bot will do the rest!


    - Automated Muling

    When used with CloakdMule any profits made can be offloaded onto an external mule account at a set interval or upon hitting a gold goal

    - Gold & Item Retrieval

    - Gold & Item Offload

    - Customizable from GUI


    - GE Restocking

    Automatically restock any needed supplies such as teleports, essence, binding necklaces. Will also sell any items specified within the GUI

    - Realtime Price Updates

    - Customizable purchasing options set in GUI

    - Multiple Retries


    - Real Player Detection & Hopping

    Intelligently hop from REAL players, not just anyone


    MultiBrain Technology

    Cloakd Scripts utilize its unique Multi-Brain technology to provide the most fluid and efficient actions


    - DreamBot 3 Ready

    This script has been built from the ground up along side the beta to support all of DreamBot 3's new capabilities. This includes Antipattern unqiue to DreamBot 3 along with Resizeable support and much more!


    - Turing Complete

    By utilizing logic validation and MultiBrain technology, the script will never stop or idle



    Script emulates human like breaks, idles and reaction times

    Randomized positioning

    Randomized pathing

    Human Like Idling & Afk

    Randomized collection & banking

    Zoom/Camera Support

    Resizable Mode

    Real-Time Pattern Heuristics

    Advanced Fatigue System modelled from Human data - Over 30 datapoints of variatio



    Required: Enough gold to supplies, teleports for common areas


    Intuative GUI & Options





      CLI Options




    Progress Reports



    Script Trials

    Auto Trials Available on the SDN!



    Bug Reports

    Provide as much info on the bug as possible

    Provide a print screen of the client + the debug console


    Release Notes


    v1.0 - Pending

    - Initial Release



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    47 minutes ago, GoodEnough41 said:

    Heyo, jug+wine script has an issue


    Bought empty jugs on GE

    Tries to use grapes on empty jugs

    Will check it out now


    Edit: Fixed in v1.1 - Should be online today

    Edited by TheCloakdOne
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