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  • 👑Dreamy AIO Minigames👑| 12 minigames in one script | NMZ | Pest Control | Blast Furnace | Ranged Guild | Castle Wars | Wintertodt | Tempoross | Trawler


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    | 12 minigames in one script | Anti-pattern | Very advanced | Notifications | Stop settings |

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    Welcome to Dreamy AIO Minigames,

    This script contains 12 minigames in one script. 


    The following minigames are added:

    • Dreamy Pest Control.
    • Dreamy Blast Furnace.
    • Dreamy Ranged Guild.
    • Dreamy Castle Wars.
    • Dreamy Nightmarezone.
    • Dreamy Wintertodt.
    • Dreamy Tempoross.
    • Dreamy trawlers.
    • Dreamy motherlode.
    • Dreamy chompys.
    • Dreamy Mahogany Homes
    • Dreamy Defenders.

    How to setup profiles:


    Step 1:

    Fill in your settings and click Save profile.



    Step 2:

    Save your file as ".json".


    Step 3:

    Click load profile or use CLI.



    start java -jar C:\Users\YOUR_USER\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -script "Dreamy AIO Minigames" -params "trawler" "C:\Users\YOUR_USER\DreamBot\Scripts\Dreamy AIO Minigames\settings.json"


    Two params are needed:

    1) Script param.



    • trawler
    • pest control
    • tempoross
    • ranged guild
    • wintertodt
    • blast furnace
    • chompy
    • motherlode

    2) .json path. ( Leave this empty if the script does NOT has a profile; Example: " ")








    Dreamy Pest control:

    • All boats supported.
    • Attack NPCS or Portals.
    • Detects if portals has dropped.
    • Special attack.
    • Quick prayer.
    • Anti-pattern.


    Dreamy Blast Furnace:

    • All bars are supported.
    • Stamina potion supported.
    • Restock coffer.
    • Pay a 2500 fee every 10 minutes if smithing level is less then 60.
    • Goldsmith gaunlets / Ice gloves supported.
    • Cool down bars with bucket.
    • Anti-pattern.


    Dreamy Castle Wars:

    • AFKing in castle wars.
    • Enters guthix portal(random team every game)
    • Anti-pattern.


    Dreamy Ranged Guild:

    • Able to spam click.
    • Able to stop the script if X amount of tickets is in inventory.
    • Anti-pattern.

    Dreamy Nightmarezone:

    This script will re-enter your previous game.

    • Rock cake (Have rock cake in your inventory)
    • Prayer potions(4) supported. (Currently uses quickprayer so please have that set up correctly).
    • Abosorptions supported.
    • Overloads supported.
    • Stop at max points.
    • Anti-pattern.
    • Restocking potions.


    Dreamy Wintertodt:

    • Fletching roots.
    • Light brazier upon start.
    • AFK settings.
    • Game skipping.
    • Crates opening.
    • Custom feeding.
    • Multiple stop settings.
    • Customised banking.
    • Worldhopping.
    • Customised eating.
    • Automatically swap braziers.
    • Automatically takes missing items (Knife/Hammer/Tinderbox/Axe).

    Dreamy Tempoross:

    • Dodge waves using totems/masts.
    • Repairing totems/masts.
    • Cooking fish.
    • Dragon harpoon special attack.
    • Pre hover mouse actions.
    • Customised reward system.
    • Multiple stop settings.
    • Automatically detects missing items and picks them up.
    • Forfeit if game is finished.
    • Infomative paint.

    Dreamy Trawlers:

    • Fill leaks.
    • Bail water.
    • Ripped nets (Soon).
    • Multiple stop settings.
    • Rewards.

    Dreamy Motherlode:

    • Does the minigames.
    • Fix struts.
    • Take ores.


    Dreamy Chompy:


    Start at castle wars bank with Ogre bellows in your inventory.



    Dreamy Mahogany Homes


    Have the following items in your bank.

    • Varrock teleport tabs
    • Falador teleport tabs
    • Ardougne teleport tabs (If enabled)
    • Skills necklace
    • Planks
    • Hammer
    • Saw






















    TyScw13.png Thanks to @iron jajeh



    Edited by Zawy
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    • Zawy changed the title to [ONLY $19,99] 👑Dream AIO MiniGames👑[Pest Control] [Blast Furnace] [ Ranged Guild ] [ Castle Wars ]
    • Zawy changed the title to [ONLY $19,99] 👑Dream AIO MiniGames👑[NMZ] [Pest Control] [Blast Furnace] [ Ranged Guild ] [ Castle Wars ]

    Nightmarezone has been added to the script!

    This minigame is still in beta so please let me know if you find any issues.

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    17 minutes ago, tokeup said:

    Does the pest control one have an option to repair barricades? I'm looking to make some low hp accounts 

    Nope it does not, currently only attacking portals or npc

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    • Zawy changed the title to 👑Dreamy AIO Minigames👑| 9 minigames in one script | NMZ | Pest Control | Blast Furnace | Ranged Guild | Castle Wars | Wintertodt | Tempoross | Trawler
    • Zawy changed the title to 👑Dreamy AIO Minigames👑| 12 minigames in one script | NMZ | Pest Control | Blast Furnace | Ranged Guild | Castle Wars | Wintertodt | Tempoross | Trawler

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