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    Fightaholic - The scrappy AIO fightin' script



    Bug Reports - READ THIS FIRST
    To submit a bug report, please do the following. Failing to do so may result in being ignored all together. These are simple requests

    • Ensure you're on the latest version first
    • Explain your problem as clearly and concise as possible
    • Share the error
    • Share what settings you are using by setting up the script, saving your config to a file and pasting it here or PM me.




    Fights shit, like anything, eats, banks, loots, buries bones, switches combat styles, etc. Very easy to setup but a complex script nonetheless.


    • Selecting your NPC(s) is required.
    • All other options are optional.
    • Click Refresh to auto-fill the form and get available NPCs
    • Click Start


    • StackoverflowError: Give more memory to DreamBot on launch (slider above "Launch" button)
    • Images failed to download: Manually download them below this post and extract the files to "~/DreamBot/Scripts/Fightaholic"
      • Chinese users will almost certainly need to download these

    Main features

    • Extremely simple setup: simple GUI that auto-fills the fields for you as much as possible.
    • Combat switching: supports all combat types (ie Melee, Range and Magic)
      • Click on-screen "Switch" to switch styles whenever
      • Right-click on-screen "Switch" to manually choose which style to use
    • Buys missing items from GE: if any equipment, food, runes, arrows, potions or required items are missing, it will walk to the GE and attempt to buy them
      • Script will end if you lack the resources to afford your items
      • Script will buy equipment upgrades when specified.
    • Sells loot at GE: select looted items to sell in the "Loot" tab.
      • Will attempt to sell items first for cash before buying missing items
      • Script will only show loot options in the list, to add custom items edit the .ini file manually.
    • Level targets: stops training combat style when your desired level is reached
    • Drinks potions: don't include the number of doses ("Strength potion", not "Strength potion(4)"), won't use Prayer potions until your prayer is almost drained
      • Add antivenom potion to your inventory or required items and it will automatically cure you when necessary.
      • Optional: Check drop vials to get rid of them
    • Uses prayer: Select one or many prayers to use. Quick prayers and quick prayer setup supported
    • Dungeons supported: Edgeville (with or without Brass key, add key to required items), Dwarven Mines, Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, Karamja Dungeon, Varrock Sewers
    • Equipment switching: supports switching equipment when changing combat style
      • Withdraws equipment if missing
      • Upgrades equipment when specified (either have it in your bank or select "Buy upgradeable equipment"), use "^" as the upgrade wildcard. "^ scimitar" or "^ shortbow". DOESN'T WORK FOR ALL ITEMS.
    • High Alch support: choose what to loot and in the opposite column choose which items to alch and the script will take care of the rest
    • Multiple loot options: change the frequency of looting, style of looting and what to loot
    • Supports options like loot by price and blacklist
    • Ironman loot option: loot only what your NPC drops
      • Features item blacklist to prevent looting the wrong items when looting by a price threshold
    • Death walking / Grave looting: handles deaths by returning, collecting your grave, re-equipping equipment and continuing
      • Still zero deaths to date with this script but will handle it once it happens
      • Option to logout on death so you can handle it yourself
    • Collects and equips arrows: makes sure you don't run out of arrows, checks your bank for more if needed.
    • Safe spotting: set your "Target area" to below 3 and the script will automatically safe-spot
    • Aggro support: check the "Aggro mode" checkbox when dealing with monster like Rock Crabs, who will become tame and impossible to fight after a certain amount of time. This will do its best to leave the area, rest and return to continue the fight. GIVE IT TIME TO DO ITS THING.
      • This will not prefer AFK training over active training but will still allow for AFK training.
    • Buries bones: all bones supported, you can also specify to bury only certain bones.
    • Eats food: what kind of fighter would this be if it didn't eat when necessary, right?
    • Bones to Peaches: experimental but should work. If it isn't, please screen record it or at least share the error from your console with me.
    • Bones to Bananas: experimental but should work. If it isn't, please screen record it or at least share the error from your console with me.
    • Customize bank locations: set the bank you'd like to use, or just set it to the closest and let the script handle it for you.
    • Custom random-event handler: Talks to Genie, Old-Man, Drunken Dwarf , Frog, Freaky Forester and Rick Turpentine to collect their goodies and a delay for all other randoms to be more human-like
      • Lamps will be used to increase your current combat skill
      • Random handler will only fire if you have selected "Dismiss Randoms" in DreamBot's settings
    • Anti-Ban: Bunch of features to keep your accounts safe
    • Comprehensive obstacle handler:  meaning you can start this script just about anywhere and the script will navigate Gielinor to your specified area
    • Quickstart support:
      • Parameters: "path\to\config.ini"
      • Example:
      • Windows:
        java -jar C:\Users\USERNAME\DreamBot\BotData\client.jar -script Fightaholic -params "C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\CONFIG.ini"


      • java -jar ~/BotData/client.jar -script Fightaholic -params "C:/Users/USERNAME/CONFIG.ini"


    • More to be included in this list that are already in the script.

      *Temporarily disabled

    Script information

    • Click "Refresh" once logged in to see NPCs and auto-fill the script.
    • Select the NPCs you want, and their potential drops will be listed below
      • This is the only required setting.
    • Select the loot you want.
    • Click "Add" to add combat level targets, these skills will be trained until the specified target is reached.
      • If you want to set a Magic level target, you can only do that with the first level target currently (because I'm lazy).
    • If you want to use different equipment, fill out and select "Use" per equipment setup
    • Arrows, bows, staves, melee weapons, shield and food should automatically be detected and filled out in their respective textfields
    • Check "Use bank" to bank when inventory is full or out of food/arrows/runes
    • Your target area will be set to the tile you are standing on when you click the "Start" button if no tile is set.
      OR you can set the tile in the "Optional" tab and have the script walk there next time on start (provided you save the info)
      • Set your target area to below 3 and the script will automatically safe-spot
    • All other setup options have explanatory tool-tips (if you hover over them) and aren't required.

    Item Support
    These are items that will be automatically recognized in your settings

    • Supported Arrows: Dragon arrow, Amethyst arrow, Broad arrow, Rune arrow, Ice arrow, Ogre arrow, Adamant arrow, Mithril arrow, Steel arrow, Iron arrow, Bronze arrow, Training arrow
    • Supported Bows: Cursed goblin bow, Rain bow, Training bow, Shortbow, Longbow, Starter bow, Oak shortbow, Oak longbow, Signed oak bow, Willow shortbow, Willow longbow, Willow comp bow, Maple shortbow, Maple longbow, Ogre bow, Comp ogre bow, Yew shortbow, Yew longbow, Yew comp bow, Seercull, Magic shortbow, Magic shortbow, Magic longbow, Magic comp bow, Craw's bow, Dark bow, 3rd age bow, Crystal bow, Twisted bow
    • Supported Bones: Superior dragon bones, Ourg bones, Dagannoth bones, Hydra bones, Raurg bones, Lava dragon bones, Fayrg bones, Drake bones, Wyvern bones, Dragon bones, Wyrm bones, Babydragon bones, Shaikahan bones, Zogre bones, Big bones, Jogre bones, Bat bones, Monkey bones, Bones, Wolf bones, Burnt bones OR WHATEVER YOU PUT IN THE TEXTFIELD
    • Supported Food: Anchovy pizza, Meat pizza, Chocolate cake, Plain pizza, Swordfish, Apple pie, Cake, Meat pie, Lobster, Jug of wine, Stew, Tuna, Salmon, Pike, Trout, Bread, Herring, Sardine, Shrimps, Cooked chicken, Cooked meat
    • Supported Potions: Attack potion, Strength potion, Defence potion, Combat potion, Prayer potion, Super attack, Super strength, Super restore, Super defence, Divine super attack potion, Divine super defence potion, Divine super strength potion, Ranging potion, Divine ranging potion, Magic potion, Zamorak brew, Divine magic potion, Bastion potion, Battlemage potion, Saradomin brew, Divine bastion potion, Divine battlemage potion, Super combat potion, Divine super combat potion
    • Supported Staves: Saradomin staff, Guthix staff, Zamorak staff, Staff of fire, Staff of air, Magic staff, Staff of water, Staff of earth, Staff

    As of version 0.941



    Progress Reports

    27 hours                                        3 days                                                  all using overnight+1hr breaks






    Changelog (For updates beyond version 1.0, please search this topic for "SDN Bot")




    1.0 - 21/8/2021

    • Added quick prayers: handles and setups up quickprayer
    • Improved prayer: Now much better but needs improvement to avoid ban triggers. It's not currently a concern but I like to make things more human-like
    • Improved initialization: Doesn't hang on start now
    • Improved potion handling

    0.99 - 29/7/2021

    • Added prayers: needs improvement and to add the ability to setup quick prayer
    • Added potions: don't include the number of doses ("Strength potion", not "Strength potion(4)"), won't use Prayer potions until your prayer is almost drained
    • Added required items: these items will be retrieved if missing, unlike its neighbouring "Don't deposit"
    • Improved rune handling: now withdraws the required amount per rune type per spell (Air rune x3, Fire rune x2, Mind rune x1)
    • Improved banking
    • Improved safe-spotting
    • Improved general speed
    • Reverted kill counter to estimate
    • Probably more, busy past few weeks
    • Bug fixes

    0.98 - 8/5/2021

    • Added Bones to Peaches - EXPERIMENTAL: I need your feedback and maybe even a screen recording of it in action to make this work, I'm not paying for membership for a free project ;)
    • Added Ironman mode for looting: Still needs improving for NPC's that are larger than 1 tile
    • Manual combat switching: Right-click on the "Switch" button to choose your combat style
    • Improved death handling
    • Improved path finding
    • Improved equipment handling
    • Bunch of bug fixes
    • Probably other things I've forgotten about

    0.97 - 8/3/2021

    • Re-haul of core parts of the code
    • Lock-up bug fixed - Script runs for 48hours+ (probably more) like it did previously
    • Added proper rune handling
    • Added dungeon support - Edgeville (w/ Brass key only for now), Dwarven Mines, Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, Draynor Sewers (bug detected so now disabled) and More coming soon!
    • Improved fighting - better NPC selection while fighting now
    • Improved safe-spotting - really stays where it should now
    • Improved banking - now grabs items that are running low if you're already banking for another reason
    • Improved looting - much faster, better differentiation between looting styles, etc.
    • Improved combat switching - uses PlayerSettings now so tab switching isn't necessary
    • Improved walking - now not on a loop, more obstacles and tiles added, anti-ban now active when walking
    • Too many more improvements and bug fixes to remember

    0.96 - 17/2/2021

    Bunch of bugs fixed:

    • Fixed rune banking bug
    • Fixed arrow equipping bug
    • Fixed rune requirement bug
    • General bug fixes

    0.95 - 10/2/2021

    • Added start tile to UI.
      • Quickstart start tile option will override start tile in config file, if set.
    • Fixed break bug that killed the script
    • Fixed safe-spotting
    • Improved ActionChecker
    • General bug fixes

    0.942 - 30/11/2020

    • Quickstart fixed (I think, can't test locally)
    • Equipment/Combat style switching bug fixed
    • Post-break bug fixed
    • Added more code towards dungeon handling
    • Added some more dungeon tiles

    0.941 - 20/11/2020

    • Bug fixes

    0.94 - 16/11/2020

    • Death handler improved
    • Added ActionChecker to ensure the script doesn't get stuck
    • Equipment now equipped in a random order
    • General bug fixes

    0.931 - 11/11/2020

    • Added "Eat or Drink" option (ie for Jug of Wine)
    • Selecting already selected combat style bug fixed
    • Capture equipment bug fixed
    • General bug fixes

    0.93 - 06/11/2020

    • Added full equipment switching
      • Capture equipment sometimes fails, will fix soon.
    • Removed unique profiles temporarily
    • Bug fixes

    0.92 - 04/11/2020

    • New GUI
    • Added saving/loading configuration
    • Safing fixed
    • Dungeon path hacks begun, some f2p areas work
    • Death bug fixed
    • Other bug fixes

    0.91 - 28/10/2020

    • Added bank toggle, bank location, loot frequency
    • Improved safe spotting
    • Fixed looting bugs, world hop bug

    0.9 - 26/10/2020

    • Form binaries reverted to source code so it works properly on SDN
    • WorldHop bug fixed, won't select high risk or beta worlds anymore
    • Loot speed tweaks
    • General bug fixes

    0.89 - 23/10/2020

    • Committed to SDN


    Ban Canary - No bans to date.

    Fightaholic images.zip



    Screenshot 2022-02-06 184028.png

    Edited by holic
    Updated info
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    1 hour ago, Pandemic said:

    Love the logo and nice release :)!

    Thank you, thank you.

    1 hour ago, yeeter01 said:

    Excited to see it!

    Thanks yeeter! Here's hoping it all works as well for you as it has for me :)

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    19 minutes ago, stonermike420 said:

    its picking up bones when i never checked marked it nd other items then auto going to bank ?

    What settings are you using? Did you check the "Loot items valued over x gp" option?

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    9 hours ago, holic said:

    What settings are you using? Did you check the "Loot items valued over x gp" option?

    wym, how do i just make it so it doesnt pick up any nd just attacks nd focuses on eating at a certain hp

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    2 minutes ago, stonermike420 said:

    wym, how do i just make it so it doesnt pick up any nd just attacks nd focuses on eating at a certain hp

    I mean don't click any of the looting options or anything else but I'll see if I left something in there that I shouldn't have. 

    Do you only have your NPCs selected and nothing else?

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