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    I'm on a MacBook Pro and the only possible way to use this client is if I put on cpu save mode with 4 FPS. if not its ridiculously laggy. I've tried everything. Runelite and other oars platforms works fine its just Dreambot 

    these are my settings

      "cpuSaver": true,
      "clientRendering": false,
      "useRandomWorld": true,
      "useCustomWorld": false,
      "fps": 4,
      "customWorld": 0,
      "disableSecurityManager": false,
      "developerMode": false,
      "freshStart": true,
      "sdnIntegration": true,
      "covertMode": false,
      "mouseSpeed": 87,
      "autoAddAccounts": true,
      "lastScriptCategories": 7,
      "breaks": [],
      "lastCanvasSize": "765:503",
      "forcedFPS": -1,
      "roofSolverActive": false,
      "dismissSolversActive": true



    if I change the cpu mode off it basically freezes for a few seconds shows a new frame then freezes again and keeps going on and on and on like this. if I leave it at 4ps its slow but its somewhat usable

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    On 10/11/2020 at 1:27 PM, Pandemic said:

    This is a known issue with certain Mac models, it'll be a while before I'm able to debug it properly as it works fine on my Mac :(

    This just started happening on my computer unfortunately (macOS Catalina 10.15.5) - any shot this will be fixed in the next version, or I can help with debugging?

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    40 minutes ago, Im A Baller said:

    Any shot this will be fixed soon? Need this to test scripts and my delivery for a new computer is stalling 😕 

    Unlikely at this time, still haven't ran into this problem myself :( You should be able to run it on a VM running linux/windows however and the issue isn't there.

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    I have the same issue :( dreambot used to run smoothly on my macOS

    I think its macos Catalina, cannot update to bigSur yet because im working on a project that has trouble with it. In a few weeks I can update to bigSur and see if it changes anything. Any update on a fix maybe?


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