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  • [DB3] Bun's Thiever [All NPCs and Stalls] [Master Farmer From Level 3] [Up to 2.5M/hr] [Next-Generation Anti-Ban] [Muling] [Progressive Task System]

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    Starting a farm? Or looking for a safe and effective thieving script? Look no further!

    Available for DB3, click here to purchase


    To receive a 12 hour trial, like or upvote the post, and leave a reply!




    Does Any NPC or Stall, Anywhere

    Includes several preset locations while supporting any custom location.

    Stall stealing supports banking items, dropping items when the inventory is full, or steal 1, drop 1 mode for maximum efficiency.

    Pickpocketing supports dodgy necklaces and automatically re-equips them when banking.

    Blackjacking will be supported soon™


    Robust Task System

    Want to train in one place for a few levels, then train somewhere else? Using the robust task system, you can start from level 3 and go straight to Master Farmers with the press of a button!


    Next-Generation Anti-Ban

    Enhanced by Chameleon, a next-level cloud based service designed to help you blend in while botting. It works by enhancing the script using data modeled after hours of human play, and ties-in with Enigma to gradually shift your profile over time to simulate external factors affecting behaviour.

    Includes humanlike idles and fatigue simulation.

    (This feature is not intended for mass/suicide farms)


    Enigma Anti-Pattern

    An advanced anti-pattern system that assigns you a randomized behaviour profile, and turns affected logic into a branch of possibilities that can occur in unpredictable sequences.


    Automated Muling

    With built-in muling support, it's easier than ever to sit-back, relax, and rake in the GP!

    Custom mule locations are supported.


    Built For DreamBot 3

    Thanks to DreamBot 3's new features, you can now use resizable mode, and choose from one of the 3 new mouse algorithms added by this script to further distinguish your play




    If you're using food, have some in your inventory or bank. There's no cost to training to level 38 for Master Farmers as it doesn't require any food, it can suicide pickpocket Men/Women in Lumbridge before proceeding to Tea stalls in Varrock.










    QuickStart + Task Presets


    How to use QuickStart:

    1. Add this to your launch args: -params config=name
    2. Replace name with the filename of the desired config

    How to use a preset:

    1. Follow the link
    2. Press Ctrl + S and save the preset to [User Folder]/DreamBot/Data/Bun/Thiever with .cfg as the extension
    3. Start the script and press the "Load" button
    4. Select the preset
    5. (Optional) If muling, go to the muling tab to enable it and enter mule details


    1. Master Farmer From Level 3 (v1.1): https://pastebin.com/raw/XwayNGTj
    2. Master Farmer From Level 3 (v1.0): https://pastebin.com/raw/YADuXdsH




    Version 1.19

    • Improvements to paint
    • Added Silk stall preset
    • Added Seed stall preset
    • Fix for issue where failsafe would stop script after a break lasting more than 10 minutes

    Version 1.18

    • API update
    • Added extra delay after hopping to wait for game load

    Version 1.17

    • Potential fix for rare issue that caused the script to get stuck when banking
    • Fix for Chocolate slices not being dropped in standard mode on Cake Stalls
    • Fix for Fruit Stall in Hosidius Market

    Version 1.16

    • Fixes for Chameleon

    Version 1.15

    • Added "Enable better path randomization toggle"
    • Fix for rare issues with path randomization
    • Fix for issue with dodgy necklaces 

    Version 1.14

    • Additional tweaks to pickpocketing target selection
    • Fix to prevent idles from occurring if in combat or banking
    • Fix for idles not occurring after a break
    • Fix for not being able to read data from Chameleon
    • Fix for not being able to set custom mule location
    • Fix for settings saving/loading issues

    Version 1.13

    • Tweaks to pickpocketing target selection
    • Added Ardougne South Bank location preset for Knight
    • Fix for issue where it wouldn't log back in after a break

    Version 1.12

    • Anti-pattern shifting now works as intended

    Version 1.11

    • "Steal 1, Drop 1" tweaked to be more humanlike
    • Added Kourend location preset for Cake stall
    • Added Kourend bank
    • Added area paint

    Version 1.1


    • Now enhanced by the latest version of Chameleon which has an improved model for imitating human data, human idles generation, and fatigue simulation
    • Major overhaul to internals (API parity with upcoming scripts)
    • GUI split into tabs


    • Added human idles and fatigue simulation option
    • Added all possible Vyre and Elf names
    • Added three location presets for Vyre
    • Added Darkmeyer bank
    • Added "Use bank" toggle
    • Added "Keep same target" toggle
    • Added level to paint
    • Added QuickStart support

    Version 1.0

    • Initial release


    Edited by Bunnybun
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    On 9/22/2020 at 12:22 PM, PurpBot said:

    Hey Bun, does this support Pyramid Plunder or anything besides stalls and pickpocketing?

    Blackjacking will be supported soon, and it doesn't support Pyramid Plunder at the moment, but that may come a bit later.

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    • Bunnybun changed the title to [DB3] Bun's Thiever [All NPCs and Stalls] [Master Farmer From Level 3] [Up to 2.5M/hr] [Next-Generation Anti-Ban] [Muling] [Progressive Task System]

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