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    Hi guys, I've been on Dreambot for a while, mostly just lurking doing my own thing with different scripts I wrote and experimenting with Jagex's bot detection.

    I've decided to try and build a small-scale farm with minimal investments and try to see what seed capital I can build from it, but I find that I'm running into a few key issues and am not sure the best way to deal with them. Any tips that seasoned farmers can provide is greatly appreciated, and I may even tip you for it with rsgp if the advice is novel and useful enough.

    So far I am just running 2 f2p accounts and suiciding them from creation to ban. Each account lasts about a day, and earns me around 1m osrs gp. One account runs on my paid VPN (which I have use for non-rs related things too so I don't see this as a cost), and the other runs on a free proxy I found online.

    The accounts are created automatically using proxy-operated Selenium powered Firefox webdrivers that I wrote in Python. At first I was getting blocked by Jagex's Incapsula detection, but I was able to bypass that after some effort so I now know that my account creator is working flawlessly. After creating the accounts, I run them through tutorial island by hand through the IPs they were created on and they sometimes get locked and sometimes don't get locked. When they get banned, I immediately replace the accounts.  

    The problem for me is that the accounts get locked too often. Unlocking the accounts requires an email address. Since I use a fake email, there is no way for me to recover the account. I could try using the gmail+1 trick to have many accounts use the same email that I own, but wouldn't this flag the email address and cause chain bans? Would chain bans even matter on a suicide farm? I could also try buying mass email accounts, but that is an extra cost I'd rather avoid if possible. People have also suggested buying tutorial island rested accounts, but I'm not sure whether I want to invest too much at this point. Basically I'm trying to avoid as much costs as possible until my seed capital is enough to handsomely afford things.

    I have heard many theories why locking happens, such as the following:

    1) Botting tutorial island

    2) Flagged IP, i.e. IP was botted on before

    3) Flagged subnet, i.e. subnet has been used extensively for botting before

    4) Detectable client

    5) Datacenter IP (as opposed to residential/commercial/educational IP)


    Personally I have no idea what causes the locks, and it could even be a combination of all the above. I don't think the Dreambot client is detectable, because I have had successful accounts bot months on end without a ban. So option 4 is out. Option 1 can't be the only thing either, because all these locked accounts were done by hand. So it's probably option 2, 3 or 5. Does this mean I am forced to use residential proxies? After all, I'm just suicide botting, so it seems lame that I would have to use residential proxies, which are so expensive. Maybe I need to do 20 suicide accounts on one residential IP? What's a good strategy to follow here?  I just want to be able to run a small scale suicide farm without having to create an email for each account.



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    Account locks are very simple imo, your IP location changes which results in a ban.

    Using free proxies and a VPN is a sure fire way to get banned. You need to be using private SOCKS5 proxies, datacentre are fine.

    The five "theories" you have listed will not result in locks, if they are detected (excluding no 5) then you will be banned.

    If I create an account in the UK and then use a US proxy, the account will get locked. Accounts MUST be played on an IP from the same country as the creation IP to prevent locks.

    For account creation, you should really be using rotating residential proxies, which do not come cheap. Your best bet is to buy accounts in bulk and then source a good, paid, private proxy to bot the accounts on.

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    I am in fact using the same IP to do tutorial island and make money as the IP I use to create the accounts. It's something I must've forgotten to mention. When I create the accounts I use Seleniumwire's API to set the proxy (and I've tested that it works by using xmyip.com) and then I use the same proxy to run Dreambot. So what you suggest can't be the only reason.

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    12 minutes ago, TheCloakdOne said:

    Incapsula bypass is more than just bypassing the login form. its baked into the account detection now. your account is being flagged against 2 IP's.

    Not sure what you mean. I'm using a proxy to create the account, and I'm using the same proxy to do tutorial island. Are you saying the proxy is already flagged, or are you saying something I am doing is causing it to be flagged?

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    Speaking from my (limited) experience, I create my accounts using a private SOCKS5 datacentre proxy I purchased for osrs gp and only play/bot the accounts on the same IP they were created on. I never bot tutorial island. I've only gone through about 8 accounts at this point and every single one of them was blocked and required me to unlock via email.

    I get around this by creating free email accounts using protonmail or mail.com. It's a bit of a pain and a manual process, but once my accounts are unlocked then they only seemed to get banned by me botting excessively or doing something stupid with them :)

    Hope this helps

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    I recommend making separate emails for each one because locks are pretty common even when not participating in botting or goldfarming activities. If you can make 1M GP before a ban that is a pretty good start, I think it is worth it to make a separate email for each one or to automate that process.

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    I recently got banned on an account that was botting here and there for about two months. It made me pissed off because it was an UIM so I created two lobster fishers that been fishing lobster non stop for over 40 hours now, dumping them off to several accounts the muling to one account then I'll wait a week to dump on to another account. So far I made a few million and still not banned yet. I'm thinking about running a MF Bot until that account gets banned, and just keep stacking GP. 

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