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  1. Good to know. At this point I'm staying away from remote with my bots. Lost 4m in the blink of an eye, but it's a cheap lesson in the grand scheme of things.
  2. This is more of a PSA now, but I'm curious if anyone has had a similar experience. I'll try to keep this short. Yesterday I was manually splashing on an account I created earlier in the day. It had never been botted, and I was planning to get it running its first script today. Logged on this morning only to see that it was given the permanent ban hammer for macroing. Again, I never even opened the script manager on DB for this guy (so there was 0 macroing/botting), but I think I know what caused it. I've used chrome remote desktop in the past to remote in to my computer from my phone to keep me from logging out. Yesterday I left to walk my dog and I remoted in to keep the splasher splashing. He killed the mage of zamorak in Varrock (magic bonus was only -55 so not perfect splash). When I switched worlds the camera was facing directly north and I couldn't see the zamorak mage. I was clicking around a lot on my phone (remotely) trying to click on the mage, but I kept accidentally clicking on the stairway. Basically my guy was running up and down and all around the stairs like an idiot (or a broken bot...). I'm guessing that's what caused me to get banned. Has anyone had a similar experience? Can just looking like a bot without actually botting result in a ban? The only other thing I can think of is this account was locked on creation due to a (likely) flagged proxy IP. That happens a lot to me, but I just unlock it via email and have never had any issues beyond that with any of my accounts.
  3. @TheCloakdOne Dude this would be such an epic script! But yea @Stoned I'm sure it would be extremely time consuming and costly. The upside is you would think (assuming no bugs in script) that it would be nearly impossible to detect since clues are random and detecting a pattern would be hard af I would think.
  4. Hello DB Community, I'm more just curious than anything, but how much work would it be to create a clue scroll script? It would be able to complete all clue scroll steps and likely have all STASH built and stocked to make things easier. I'm assuming this would be a huge lift...if it's possible to make does anyone have a ballpark $ amount that would cost? I'd imagine it would be something like easy or medium clues for example. You would start script with gourmet or eclectic jars in bank and it would go from there.
  5. Just bought this and it's working great so far! Any plans to add bank chests as a useable bank for the script? I tried using one but the script wouldn't start. Works well at regular banks though.
  6. Hey, I noticed that my saved scripts (like buying water jugs from a general store for example) delete whenever I enable fresh start. Not a big deal, but is there a way to use fresh start and load previously saved scripts?
  7. Hey man, not sure if you saw my discord message but I'm looking to buy 66M 07rsgp worth of vouchers. Just DM me whenever you're free
  8. Only have about 3m right now but can amass more fairly quickly.
  9. I forgot to add, a big reason I use protonmail is that it doesn't require a backup email/phone number. Just create the account and you're off.
  10. Speaking from my (limited) experience, I create my accounts using a private SOCKS5 datacentre proxy I purchased for osrs gp and only play/bot the accounts on the same IP they were created on. I never bot tutorial island. I've only gone through about 8 accounts at this point and every single one of them was blocked and required me to unlock via email. I get around this by creating free email accounts using protonmail or mail.com. It's a bit of a pain and a manual process, but once my accounts are unlocked then they only seemed to get banned by me botting excessively or doing something stupid with them Hope this helps
  11. I'm a huge newbie, but your guides and posts helped me out a ton. Can't say thank you enough man! Wish you the best, hope all is well, and hope to see you back in the future.
  12. Thanks, Stoned, appreciate the guidance! It also helps having the support of this community. I am definitely giving it another go
  13. No Netflix and cut? Point taken, and a good one. I probably need to start working in breaks when botting for multiple hours. Thanks!
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