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  1. I had this issue as well on my work computer. Haven't been able to resolve it, and have just been using my home computer for botting. I have a feeling it may be OS-specific. My work computer is Windows 8.1 whereas my home computer is Windows 10. Maybe that makes a difference? @Pandemic What OS do you use when debugging your client? What is the OP's OS?
  2. Does this mean that newly published scripts no longer have to work against the DB2 jar? For new scripts it suffices to work on DB3?
  3. There's no reason to bank either. Also, most bots using this script won't have a high enough mage level to cast teleports of any sort.
  4. There's no reason to teleport to Falador.
  5. On Dreambot 3, I notice that sometimes if you're trying to click on an NPC, but there is another NPC in front of the one you're trying to click on, the player will misclick and click on the wrong NPC. This happens when using npc.interact(). Of course, one could probably fix this by just using npc.interactForceRight(), but this would create a lot of unnecessary right-clicks on stuff that isn't blocked. The client should be able to detect whether or not a right-click is necessary, and then click accordingly. Right now, it misclicks if npc.interact() is used, which I doubt is intended.
  6. @Neffarion Awesome stuff! Someone should add this to the API.
  7. Currently the Bank API allows setting things like Bank.setWithdrawMode(BankMode.NOTE) Bank.setRearrangeMode(BankMode.SWAP) It would be really nice if the API also had support for something like follows: Bank.setWithdrawAmount(BankMode.ONE) Bank.setWithdrawAmount(BankMode.FIVE) Bank.setWithdrawAmount(BankMode.TEN) Bank.setWithdrawAmount(BankMode.ALL) Bank.setWithdrawAmount(BankMode.X,14) Shouldn't be too hard to add. The widgets are: Widgets.getWidgetChild(12,27); //1 Widgets.getWidgetChild(12,29); //5 Widgets.getWidgetChild(12,31); //10 Widgets.getWidgetChild(12,33); //X Widgets.getWidgetChild(12,35); //ALL I can provide more code for the devs, but this really should be part of the API due to its usefulness. The only tricky part might be setting the X widget, since it asks you to input an amount if no amount has been entered before.
  8. What you said still doesn't explain why the second part of code works and the first doesn't. Both are sleeping the same amonut of time. I will however try adding in a manual sleep of about 1 tick to see if that makes a difference.
  9. This script is OK, but would be especially good if it had a feature allowing hops to only F2p Worlds. final List<World> worlds = getWorlds().noMinimumLevel(); World world = getWorlds().getWorld(target_world); if (world != null && !world.isPVP() && world.isF2P() && world.getRealID() != 345 && worlds.contains(world)){ found_world = true; } } if (getWorldHopper().hopWorld(target_world)){ sleepUntil(() -> getClient().getCurrentWorld()!=current_world,5000); } Something like the above should do the job. I can help out if you need it, but I would really love to see this script support F2P. I would totally use it if it did.
  10. 7:51:54 PM: [WARN] There was a problem logging into your account. 7:51:54 PM: [ERROR] Auto-login feature failed with exception: 7:51:54 PM: [INFO] Successfully loaded 216 worlds! 7:51:54 PM: [INFO] Starting new instance... 7:51:55 PM: [INFO] Attempting to connect to OSRS... 7:51:55 PM: [INFO] Connection successful! 7:51:55 PM: [INFO] Attempting to start new applet... 7:51:55 PM: [INFO] Opened gamepack connection! 7:51:55 PM: [INFO] Preparing gamepack for start... 7:51:57 PM: [INFO] Successfully started new applet! Now that you mention it, there is an error when trying to auto login to my DB account. I think I might've already tried running as admin but I'll try again.
  11. When I'm trying to bot on my work machine, I notice that none of my DB3 config settings get saved, such as the saved accounts and client settings. Each time I launch the client, I have to manually login to DB and then manually re-enter all my usernames/passwords. It only happens on my work machine and it only happens on DB3. I've tried deleting the Dreambot folder and deleting cache and re-downloading the launcher. None of that seems to fix the issue. Why does it only happen on my other computer? Also, in case people ask, I don't try to login on both machines at the same time. I turn my home PC off when I'm at work, so having many clients isn't the issue. I only run 1-2 clients at a time.
  12. onLoop is only defined for AbstractScript. There is no notion of it in TaskScript so I am not sure what your answer is supposed to address.
  13. Inventory.deselect() in the first chunk of code doesn't execute at all. It returns false. It does work in the second chunk of code. That does not appear to be the expected behavior, so I still think it's bugged. Whether or not Inventory.deselect() succeeds seems to vary based on where the mouse is when the function is called. In my example, it only worked in the first case because the mouse moves to the Banker and then tries to deselect. In the second case, it just keeps clicking repeatedly on an invalid location.
  14. I haven't really made that many accounts so perhaps my approach doesn't scale too well. My understanding is that they only use captcha if you are sending too many requests from a given IP address. To get around this, you can use a rotating proxy. To bypass the Incapsula, you need to make sure whatever browser you're using has cookies and Javascript enabled. You also need to make sure your browser fingerprint matches that of a legitimate user. In the end, I decided to buy accounts from other's as it suits my purposes much better. So I no longer concern myself with all of this.
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