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    Version 1.0

    Last updated: 08/26/2020

    Locations supported: Draynor

    Instructions: Start script anywhere on main map where it can walk to Draynor (not underground or above)

    Make sure you have (Pots & Grain) in the bank/Inventory



    - Out speeds other flour bots

    - Saves run energy for top floor of mill (unless over 90 run energy)

    - Supports Noted Pots & Grain

    -  Supports laggy proxies

    - Exact tile placement


    Known Bugs & Suggestions (post in thread and I'll add here)

    Known Problems:
    - Unsure if this works with DB3 beta or not (works with DB2)
    - Might have some places it can still get stuck need user input and more testing
    - Run might need better handling
    - Varrock West (32 cooking) mill support
    - World hop if players nearby
    - Antiban
    - GUI for custom settings
    - Option to manually pick pots/grain and then make flour
    - ?


    Change Log

    Version 1.0 Released:
    - Supports Draynor
    - Fast clicks to outspeed other flour bots
    - Will walk unless over 90 run energy
    - Will save running for top floor with operating hopper controls
    - Exact tile placement
    - Works with noted (grain & pots)
    - Basic paint to track (gp/hr), etc
    - Will stop the script and log pots of flour when it runs out of mats
    - Fixed issue where giant door blocks access
    - Fixed issue where clicks ladder when door is closed
    - Fixed issue where it gets stuck on second* floor
    - Fixed issue where it got stuck outside bank (tile distance problem)
    - Fixed issue where it spammed pots in bank when out of grain
    - Fixed issue where it would not click operate hopper controls in time
    - Fixed issue where it wouldn't wait until large door was open
    - Ran with laggy proxy, so it should be safe for them
    - Fixed issue where it would switch between run and open bank screen (added wait after run if bank is open)






    ~> LordJashin32

    Edited by LordJashin32
    add note about DB3
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    • 2 months later...

    love your script bro! was looking all around for something like this. i had a few suggestions to make maybe you can implement it into your script:

    1 - Add support for Cooking Guild ( near varrock,there is a windmill close and use grand exchange for bank)

    2 - i had an issue where it went to withdraw 14 grain but it also withdrew aa wrong item lol (glitch)

    3 - Add an option to maybe LOOT/Pick grain from either Draynor or Varrock

    awsome script none the less!

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    So; Ive Noticed That Script Is Down All Of A Sudden, Was Working Fine For The Last 2hrs, Not Sure If There Is Maintenance Or Something Broken Lol Would Also Be Awsome If We Can See More Locations Added To The Script, Other Than That Flawless!   

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    Hello once agian, so upon further testing, ive noticed that the bot has trouble filling ALL the pots properly, it seems to miss a few pots unfilled before it heads to bank..also the total "Pots of flour made" is inaccurate, displays wrong total made. lastly, would be greatly appreciated if maybe added a better anti ban/walking path, maybe add like an "camera movement" etc to the anti-ban, and take diff paths to the bank.

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    Sorry if im messing alot, just wanted to put in my suggestions based on more testing, ive noticed that it has trouble knowing when the mill is FULL, it keeps going back n forth trying to send the flour down, but its already full lol also, when putting grain in the pot, it seems to always miss like 4 remaining pots, not sure why, but ive noticed this has been a continous thing. Hope this helps in making the script flawless :)  thanks agian

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