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  • [DB3] Cloakd Tutorial Island [Bulk Loader] [Muling] [Custom Final Area] [Multi-Brain]


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    - Built For DB3

    The script has been designed from the ground up for DB3 to provide better performance, reliability and all the latest functionality DB3 brings with it.


    - Blazing Fast

    Completes Tutorial Island in the fastest possible time. Outperforms all current script on the market


    - MultiBrain Technology

    Cloakd Scripts utilize its unique Multi-Brain technology to provide the most fluid and efficient actions


    - Human-Like in every way

    The script has been built based off human data and analysis, everything from idles, to name creation has been modelled of existing human data, here is just a few!

    - Email Address & Password

    - Account Username

    - Apperance

    - Idles / istractions

    - Walking, Camera & Zoom

    - 30+ Datapoints From Caffine Levels to Attention Span and much more!


    Post Completion Muiling

    When used in combination with Cloakd Mule will allow the bot to stock up on any items or gold needed prior to stopping the script



    Feature Breakdown


    - Configurable Final Area

    Upon completion walk to a specified area - All F2P Banks supported


    - Ironman Selection

    Will select the specified ironman mode along with collecting the armour prior to banking


    - Bank Items

    Bank all items and clear Banking tutorial upon completion


    - Human Like Names, Emails & Apperance

    Its been proven bald heads increase your report rate, This script will create a human like profile from its email all the way through to its apperance.

    Names have been generated from over 20,000 usernames to ensure authentic realistic looking names

    Apperance data has been moddeled off real user data


    - Turing Complete

    By utilizing logic validation and MultiBrain technology, the script will never stop or idle


    - QuickStart

    Run the script directly from the CLI! 


    - Bulk Account Rotation

    Utilize the CloakdTutorialLauncher for mass creation of tutorial island accounts.

    Simply provide it with a list of proxies and accounts and let it control the management of launching DreamBot


    - Intuative GUI

    Adjust the paramaters and quests all in an easy to use GUI






    Randomized positioning

    Randomized pathing

    Human Like Idling & Afk

    Randomized collection & banking

    Human based profiling

    Zoom Support

     Resizable Mode

    Real-Time Pattern Heuristics

    Advanced Fatigue System modelled from Human data - Over 30 datapoints of variation



    Terms & Conditions

    • By purchasing this script, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions detailed below and  acknowledge that they may be changed without notification.
    • Cloakd Account Cloud is a free service provided for this script, due to the ever changing technology used to prevent bot sign up's there may be a time where the account creation is unavailable. Refunds will not be processed for the script due to this.
    • I am not responsible for locks/bans due to the nature of the script it is highly reccommended to use high quality proxies to avoid this



    Cloakd Tutorial Launcher can be used to mass create accounts across multiple proxies. This is a stand alone application that can be run on any OS which handles the rotation of proxies and the launching/stopping of the DreamBot client itself.


    - MultiThreaded - Run as many DreamBot clients as you want

    - Advanced Error Recovery - Handle Script/Client/Proxy issues flawlessly

    - File OutputOutputs all completed tutorial accounts to file


    How To Use

    1. Download: https://mega.nz/file/ph4WUaTI#2ZzNFlbaMV3JpDZQPwsjp80BOBZFU3T-nWfanC_DfjY
    2. Download the application to a familiar location
    3. Browse to the installed location
    4. Open ".env"
    5. Adjust your settings (Accounts & Proxy list location) and close the file
    6. Open Command Prompt or Terminal
    7. Run the programme from the terminal



    Fresh Account to run through tutorial island



    CLI Options



    `java [-jar -Xbootclasspath/p:{PATH_TO_DB_FOLDER}/DreamBot/BotData/client.jar {PATH_TO_DB_FOLDER}/DreamBot/BotData/client.jar -fps 20 -world 326 -script Cloakd
    TutorialIsland` -params humanIdle=true exitOnFinish=true adventure=true finalArea=0 botid=0`



    Available Parameters: 

    * `botid` - MetaData Field for bot farms

    * `humanIdle` - Use human like idles or not

    * `exitOnFinish` - Close the DreamBot client upon script completion

    * `exitTimeout` - Set a failsafe timeout (in minutes) that will trigger and stop the script

    * `adventure` - Priorities enabling Adventure Paths through tutorial island

    * `finalArea` - Final Area to walk to: (0 - Lumbridge, 1 - GE,  2 - Varrock W, 3 - Varrock E, 4 - Edgeville, 5 - Falador E, 6 - Falador W, 7 - Draynor, 8 - Al Kharid)

    * `ironmanMode` - What type of ironman setting to use: (NONE, IM, HCIM, UIM)

    * `disableRoofs` - Disables the script roof solver


    Script Trials

    Trials are not being issued for this script.


    Bug Reports

    Provide as much info on the bug as possible

    Provide a print screen of the client + the debug console


    Release Notes


    v3.1 - DB3 Official Release

    v1.0 - Pending SDN Release



    Edited by TheCloakdOne
    Update mega link to new rotating launcher
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    • 2 weeks later...
    • TheCloakdOne changed the title to [DB3] Cloakd Tutorial Island [Bulk Loader] [Proxy Rotation] [Custom Final Area] [Multi-Brain]

    Hey cloakd, i love the script but im hitting a glitch where they arent left clicking to change appearance of their character or left click out of the character creation


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    2 hours ago, Rotti said:

    Hey cloakd, i love the script but im hitting a glitch where they arent left clicking to change appearance of their character or left click out of the character creation


    Hey Rotti, could you send me the logs via discord so i can look into it? if you run the launcher with "fresh start" does it resolve?

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    • TheCloakdOne changed the title to [DB3] Cloakd Tutorial Island [Bulk Loader] [Muling] [Custom Final Area] [Multi-Brain]

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