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    Welcome to GP's Progress Report Thread

    It will be fairly Simple !


    Pictures and little amount of text.

    Everything is done in GMT and date format such as 25/05/2015
    Start date: 22nd May
    End date: Not Available
    VPN is USED!
    Will be following OSBuddy Price Guide!
    Bots tend to get banned on the following working day.

    Costs inccurred: VPN ($49.95 1-year purchased)
    BOT VIP ($7.99 1Month Re-occurring)
    BOT Sponsorship (6 Months VIP inc $27.20 bought around 10/03/15)
    Account Creation Cost: 5M($10.00) (including 14 days of membership)
    GP Needed to Run account for 24 hours: 2M($4)

    Estimated outgoings of running on weekends: $49.99 estimated
    VPN - 49.95/102days = $0.48 x2 =$0.96
    BOT VIP - $7.99/ 8days = $0.99 x2 =$1.98
    BOT Sponsorship - $27.20/52 days = $0.52 x2 =$1.04
    6 Account creation - $60/2 days = $30 x2 =$60
    GP Needed to Run 6 account $24/2 days = $12.00 x2 =$24
    =================================================== Total = $87.98


    TOTAL AS OF 01/06/15 : 229.8m + 53.6m = 283.40m

    Method used: Please do not ask as I will not be telling you. I will also not reply to any guesses.
    NOTE: I only bot on the weekends.



    Week 1 -

    Duration botted: 22/05/15 @ 7PM GMT until 26/05/15 @ 7AM GMT : Amount in hours: 83Hours(without breaks) (1 hour for removing farmed goods and restocking)(1 day extra because of bank holiday monday! =P)

    Accounts ran during duration: 6
    Account QTY: 6/8
    Bans: 0/8
    Problems Occurred: NONE!




    Week 2 -

    Duration botted: 57 hours
    Accounts ran during duration: 2
    Account QTY: 2/8
    Problems Occurred: on friday JaGex seem to have wanted to mess up my bot farm and decided to ban them before finishing work that day therefore leaving me with only 2 accounts over the weekend.


    Week 3 -

    Duration botted: 56 hours
    Accounts ran during duration: 6
    Account QTY: 6/6
    Bans: 0/6 atm

    Problems Occurred: Lot's of Disconnections during botting phase


    Week 4 -JsVJwUs.jpg

    Duration botted: Estimated 40 Hours
    Accounts ran during duration: 2 
    Account QTY: 8/8
    Bans: 6/8
    Problems Occurred: 6 accounts got banned before I started to bot them on friday, disconnection + forgetting to run for extended period of time :S 



    Week 5 -

    Duration botted: 50 hours
    Accounts ran during duration: 6/8
    Account QTY: 8/8
    Bans: currently none
    Problems Occurred: World DC's , and Highly farmed method.

    Edited by GoldenPanda
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    I take it you're botting Runecrafting? ~ Either way best of luck buddy, and I hope you get there, i'm going to start a little farm soon if I can. Who knows maybe i'll make a thread :)

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