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  • [Free] B14's Potato Farmer (Ban/Player evasion)


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    B14's Potato Farmer is a simple script that focuses on player and ban evasion using simple functions to increase the usage of this script and reduce the possibility of your bot account being detected or flagged.


    • Player evasion functionality
      • If a player comes near your while you are farming potatoes, you will automatically evade the player by swapping worlds. This is to reduce the chance of you being reported/detected.
    • World hopping
      • This script will automatically hop between 50 low activity worlds when necessary
    • World limits
      • This bot determines how many potatoes it will pick in a single world before it swaps worlds. Combined with the DreamBot break feature, this should help the evasion of detection quite a bit.
    • Automatic Camera Movement
      • The script will occasionally adjust the camera to help evade automatic bot detection
    • Auto running
      • Once you are over 5% running energy, the bot will toggle running on to help increase the efficiency of this bot
    • Auto banking
      • All potatoes collected will be ran and deposited to the nearest bank
    • Dedicated farming area
      • Currently the bot will automatically travel to a specific potato field and will only function there. This may change in the future.
    • Detailed paint
      • Your screen will display the current action of the script, the rough amount of total potatoes collected, the rough amount of potatoes collected in your current world, and the maximum amount of potatoes allowed to be collected in your current world


    This is my first script so in the script's current state (Version 1.0) most of the functionality is bare bones. I would like to eventually advance the logic in the script to improve it's evasion techniques as well as improve it's efficiency.


    Released for free on the SDN Repository

    Edited by b14
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    7 hours ago, Hashtag said:

    Released and promoted. Congratulations!

    Thanks! Can't wait to start working on some more complicated scripts :)

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    33 minutes ago, AsBakedAsCake said:

    Congrats on the promotion, nice release!

    Thank you! I'm still pretty new to the dreambot API and if you notice a way for me to do something more efficiently or I'm not using a method that is important for ban evasion please let me know :)

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    • 3 weeks later...

    Hi ! I've been using this script for the past week or so.

    I have no complaints other than it took me 5/6 hours to make 350-400k... It is a F2P free script though...

    On a side note, the Anti-ban in this is really good, i run 5 accounts with this script and none of them have been banned... Really good work with that...

    Only "complaint" i have is that sometimes it picks up potatos far from each other when there are 20 side by side.

    Other than that, congratulations on this amazing script! At least it didn't get me banned.

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    Hey B14,

    Love the script so far. Sometimes get stuck when trying to change to the free pvp world. Exclude that world from hopping would improve the script

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    • 3 months later...

    Thank you for making such a solid potato bot :)) you did really well!

    My only complaint is that there's a pvp and a total lvl 750 world in rotation. when the bot hits these they just continually try to log in without moving on to a different world. having the option to select which worlds you could choose or removing those two worlds would be really helpful and completely automate it.

    this is by far the best potato picking bot i've come across though so i'm very happy with it so far. I like to be a fairly cautious bot farmer so the world hopping feature is fantastic

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