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  • Gains Tele Alcher [~150k Magic xp/h] - [F2P/P2P] - [G.E. support] - [Task system] - [QuickStart]


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    Up to 150k Magic xp/h




    • Trains Magic by alternately teleporting and alching.
    • When X amount of items have been processed or the desired level has been reached, the bot will start the next task.
    • You can save the task list and settings to a text file and load them quickly.
    • Supports any equipment, for example, jewelry for teleporting.
    • Supports the buying and selling of items in the Grand Exchange.
    • Supports QuickStart.



    • Have at least 21 Magic.
    • If using Ardougne teleport, have Plague City quest completed.
    • If using Trollheim teleport, have Eadgar's Ruse quest completed.
    • If using Kourend Castle teleport, have read the Transportation incantations.



    • Have alchables in the bank.
    • Have the required runes in the bank.
    • If using a staff, have it in the bank.


    Spells supported:






    Items supported:

    Staves (all variations)














    @MilisG 99 mage in few days great script!!!


    @Axios it worked perfectly for fng hours and it easily switched between all the items that needed to be alched :) 10/10 would recommend



    • Fill out the form and save the task list and settings to a text file.
    • Open the text file and copy everything.
    • Add -params "" at the end of your QuickStart file.
    • Paste the settings inside the quotation marks.
    • Example: -params "Tasks:1. Skill: Tele Alcher | Teleport: Varrock Teleport | Alchemy: Low Level Alchemy | Items to alch: Maple longbow | Equipment: Staff of fire | Goal: Reach level 55;2. Skill: Tele Alcher | Teleport: Camelot Teleport | Alchemy: High Level Alchemy | Items to alch: Magic longbow, Air battlestaff | Equipment: Staff of fire | Goal: Process 1000 items # Settings:true;50;30;120;70;2"
    • You can edit the text manually but it has to be perfect, otherwise it won't work.


    Click here to leave a review for the script


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    1 hour ago, Bykhoa said:

    I could only reach 80k per hour  max  alching + tping to fally  :o.

    I think because it is not doing it as fast as possible now that I look at it. Will do some improvements. I also might add an optional third spell to this that you can use on guards such as stun.

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