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  • Gains Unicorn Grinder [~420k gp/h] - [No requirements]


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    • Uses Pestle and mortal on Unicorn horns to create Unicorn horn dust for a huge profit.
    • Fetches the current G.E. prices and calculates the profit for you.
    • Supports prehovering.
    • Supports QuickStart.
    • P2P money making method.



    • Write either no or yes to use spam clicking.
    • Write either no or yes to use prehovering.
    • Example: -params Yes Yes


    Estimated profit per hour:


    Unicorn horn.png 7,300 x Unicorn horn = 1,189,900 gp

    Pestle and mortar.png 1 x Pestle and mortar = 415 gp


    Unicorn horn dust.png 7,300 x Unicorn horn dust = 1,613,300 gp

    Coins 10000.png + 422,985 gp



    • Start next to a bank.
    • Have Pestle and mortar in inventory.
    • Have Unicorn horns in bank.
    • Do not set bank placeholders for items used in this method.
    • Have Accept Aid off.


    Gallery: (watch the video in fullscreen)




    • Feel free to give the script a rating on the store.
    • You may also post a proggy to the thread.
    • If you have any suggestions regarding the script, please let me know.



    Edited by Gains
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    32 minutes ago, Queen Reef said:

    This method is not profitable at all currently.

    Can you explain that? Unicorn horn is currently 247gp and dust is 316gp.

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    3 minutes ago, Queen Reef said:

    Try and buy them in the ge 

    Bought 100 horns instantly at normal price.


    Edited by Gains
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    • 4 weeks later...
    22 hours ago, sammezza96 said:

    needs fixing asap bro, invested a bit into this

    Can you post a gif/video of the script doing that so I can see what is causing it.

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    • Gains changed the title to Gains Unicorn Grinder [~420k gp/h] - [No requirements]

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