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    Automating the Install and Setup Process of DreamBot

          Thought I would throw a quick tutorial together about the approach I am taking to automatically install/setup/start the initial instance(s) of DreamBot for my newest farm.  One major concern with my newest farm was time spent actually setting up VMs and bots.  My previous farms all closed up shop eventually due to horrible time management on my part.  So I am a major proponent for automation of repetitive task.  I personally am using Docker instances and have scripts similar to the ones I have posted below run on creation of the docker instance so the farm is ready to go the moment I sign into the docker instance.  

    *** Disclaimer *** Not saying this is the best way  to do it, this is just what I ended up botching together to save me 10 minutes each time I spool a new instance up. 


    What's it do tho?

          This will vary depending on your setup but the base command I will be showing will download the DreamBot launcher (DBLauncher.jar), run the first time setup/update, kill this launcher instance, then startup your bot instance(s).  This script is using the built in windows commands this could also be done in PowerShell, and for other operating systems that I might make guides for in the future but my primary botting environment uses Windows so Windows it is.

    Going to breakdown the script section by section then show an example put together.


    Creating a place to store my DreamBot things

          For consistency sake I store any data output such as screenshots, accounts, reports, heatmaps, spreadsheets etc in a folder on my desktop called "DreamBot" across all my VMs.  This is where I also store bot client launchers because I currently use multiple clients.  Just keeps everything contained and clean.  

    mkdir %HOMEPATH%\Desktop\DreamBot && cd %HOMEPATH%\Desktop\DreamBot

    I create the DreamBot folder to store my shit in using the mkdir %HOMEPATH%\Desktop\DreamBot this command creates the folder on the VMs desktop.  Using && to execute the following cd command to change directories to the directory I just created.  Ez Pz.


    Downloading the DreamBot Launcher

          The DreamBot launcher can be downloaded from this link -> https://dreambot.org/DBLauncher.jar (This can be checked by clicking the download link in the forum header).  We will be using cURL a tool built into Windows to allowing us to grab the DBLauncher.jar from DreamBots website.

    curl -O https://dreambot.org/DBLauncher.jar

    Please note that -O is an UPPERCASE O.  Using the uppercase -O will automatically name the downloaded file its original name.  While using a lowercase -o you will need to provide your own output name.  I wasted a lot of time not noticing that while debugging my initial test runs of this. 

    This will download DBLauncher.jar to whatever the current directory is pointed at (ideally the DreamBot folder on the desktop I just made).


    First Time Launch/Update and kill

          So now that we have DBLauncher.jar on our system we need to execute it so we can pull the latest client.jar and other DreamBot resources.  Once this is done we can use QuickStart functionality to launch bot instances via CLI or a bot manager.  We need to use the "start" command so that the launching of the DBLauncher.jar does not suspend our script.  Without the start command the remaining commands will not be executed until DBLauncher.jar is manually closed.  Using start will allow execution of the script to continue while DBLauncher.jar does its thing. 

    start java -jar DBLauncher.jar

    We want to assure we give the DreamBot launcher enough time to complete its setup/updates so we will call the timeout command to wait a few seconds before we kill the launcher instance.  The length of the timeout will vary depending on your setup so adjust it how you see fit.   

    timeout 5 && taskkill /f /im java.exe

    Using the timeout command we can wait X amount of seconds I generally just do 5.  Hopefully within those 5 seconds the DreamBot launcher did whatever it needs to do because we then kill java.exe shutting anything Java related down.  (again with probably not the best way to do this but nothing should be running on my VMs at this point so just killing Java isn't going to hurt anything else).


    Initial setup is complete!

          At this point DreamBot is ready for botting!  Anything after this point is just using DreamBots QuickStart feature to create bot instances.  Not going to rewrite Nezz's entire QuickStart tutorial so just take a glance at his original thread its a great tool.


    Signing into the client with QuickStart

          Like I said not going to redo Nezz's entire QuickStart tutorial but thought I would throw in a simple example of signing into the client once the setup is complete so you can run the command and come back to a ready to go botting environment.

    java -jar %homepath%\DreamBot/BotData/client.jar -username yourOwnUsername -password yourOwnPassword

    If you look into QuickStart you can do a LOOOOOT of cool things with it.  Super useful tool to abuse when you are trying to save as much time as you can running a farm. 


    Full command!

          You can add a lot of extra functionality to a command or script like this such as pulling resources your farm might need if you throw them on a local web server and use cURL to transfer them to the VMs during the execution of the script.  Again with there are probably sections of this that are sub-optimal or botched to all hell but it was simple and quick for me to throw together and will save me time in the future.  

    mkdir %HOMEPATH%\Desktop\DreamBot && cd %HOMEPATH%\Desktop\DreamBot && curl -O https://dreambot.org/DBLauncher.jar && start java -jar DBLauncher.jar && timeout 5 && taskkill /f /im java.exe && java -jar %homepath%\DreamBot/BotData/client.jar -username yourOwnUsername -password yourOwnPassword


    Any questions/issues/suggestions just shoot me a message.  I do plan on making a version of this for Linux as well because at some point I would like to go back to using Linux OS's for botting.  I just had Windows server keys so I have been using them.  

    If anyone does this differently I would love to hear how you guys do this.  I start and kill docker instances a lot due to my servers being used for more than just botting so depending on resource consumption I might have to nuke some docker instances for a bit then spin them back up later or spin up new ones. 



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    7 minutes ago, Cystic said:

    The man, the myth, the Yeet

    Looking good, I'm sure it'll help a lot of people

    Yeee hopefully. Could also just start throwing noobs who cant download the client that command and boom done lol. 

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    This may be a dumb question, but what is the benefit of using docker to deploy an instance of Dreambot over simply spinning up an instance on Windows? What would be the benefit of using VMs as well? BTW, great tutorial! Very useful stuff!

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    Props to the homie
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