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  • Client Release

    Nuclear Nezz

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    Hello everyone!

    Just a quick couple of fixes in this release, but I also wanted to give a heads up to scripters.

    In the next few releases, I'll be slowly removing deprecated methods from the client, starting with methods I'm pretty sure nobody uses. I'll add in a list of each method I plan to remove in each release.

    Changes in this release:

    -Added farming guild bank location

    -Fixed wintertodt bank (It should open successfully now)

    -Changed Inventory.deselect to just use the menu->cancel so there's no more accidental clicks on map or anything.

    -Modified so that while using quickstart, it'll check local scripts before sending a request for local/premium scripts, this should help reduce server load and probably speed quickstart up a little bit.

    -I removed some old JFX files we had that weren't used, and deprecated a few methods in Account that used classes from JFX that aren't used. These will be in the list of methods removed over the next few releases.


    Methods that will be removed in the next release:


    Client.getSocketWrapper, enable/disableIdleMouse/Camera, getMapScale, getMapOffset, isResizableActive (see ClientSettings.isResizableActive)


    Tab.IGNORE enum

    I'll give another list on the next update for the next set of deprecated removals.


    Thanks everyone!

    The Dream Team

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    22 hours ago, Gnar said:

    just that much closer to dreambot 3.0
    Nezz: dreambot version

    Dreambot 2: Lost Coast

    Dreambot 2: Episode One

    Dreambot 2: Episode Two

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