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    Hey everyone. I've been fooling around with some of the tools in the client, found them interesting. I've botted since the old days and decided my next goal is to produce a script. I just need to be pushed in the right direction. I've looked into everything but it's just so much info I don't know where to even start. If anyone can point me the right way or even help me personally I'd really appreciate it. Of course anyone who LEGIT helps me in any way will be given access to the script and acknowledgement of help. Thanks in advance. 

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    Well having knowledge of Java is a good place to start, all you really need are the basics (which you can find a million free things online for)

    Once you got the basics down I recommend going through the many Tutorials ( https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/96-tutorials/ )

    First being * which shows you how to setup the environment needed.


    Once you have the the correct environment look at some of the other tutorials.
    Below is one that helped me a lot! 


    But a lot of learning is playing with it. If you don't know if there is a command for it type some letters in and see what pops up, the api is super simplified and very helpful. Also don't be afraid to ask questions, just about everyone here is willing to help! I hope you can dive in and have some fun😊

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    can always slide into muh Discord DM's and I can assist you with any questions you might have.  Charlotte#3982

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    Thank you both, I immensely appreciate it. Looks like I have some homework to do lol. Also, I will probably take you up on that yeeter. As long as it's not a bother. Just know that I'm just learning and might ask questions that might seem totally obvious to some. 

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    Thanks a lot, all 3 of you. Sorry I asked for more material after depwession posted all the great links, I didn't have the knowledge at the time. But I still appreciate all of yoho's too. 

    Special thanks to yeeter for personally helping me out with a good plan and explaining some things! 

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    Thanks I'm a bit confused on 1-3 but I think I understand the rest. One thing I don't understand is how you know how to phrase it but I guess that's because I don't exactly know Java. I'm not sure... 

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