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    Hi all, I am chowkebab

    I wanted to share with you guys some things i have learnt in my botting journey so far. I guess i will update this here and there as i progress through my own journey.

    Joined this community not long ago, i own 15 scripts so far on here 

    I started botting while OSRS was real old school, where Zezima was the dawg. I am no gold farmer, i am no guru, i just bot for fun (enjoying seeing them GPs)

    Anyhow let's get to the chase

    1) "Botting gets you banned period" - i know this is the most unuseful one liner that some people use (especially other forums) but it's true! There is going to be the time when your bot will be banned, it is just WHEN it will be banned. The best we can do is to PREVENT it. Below are few tips from MY experience

    • Don't suicide, i bot ~10 hours MAX a day. Take reasonable breaks
    • Run different activities, don't just Hunter for entire week for example
    • Make sure the scripts you are running are reliable - PAID doesn't 100% mean better than free (although i always run paid ones except Nezz's tut islander <3). Make sure the scripts are not buggy af and you can sleep at night running it
    • TEST TEST TEST, make sure you know what the script is doing and what items is needed so you don't end up standing there for hours doing nothing
    • Don't bot on update day
    • Don't expect to bot to like 99s without making your account at least look legit (see later)

    2) When i was new, i wanted to know what skills i should bot and what skills are "high ban". Some people had success in certain skills, some did not. I will share what MY feedback is

    • Some skills are 100% HOT for me. By that i mean whenever i seem to bot it, i get the ban hammer. Hunter (chins), Agility (f*** dreadful skill tho) are two which are tough

    3) Which scripts are good? What's the best script? 

    Go request them trials! But here are a few of my favourites 

    • RQuester by Roma - i am still amazed to this day when the bot start doing quests 
    • Gargoyle Slayer by Xephy - it's just so flawless and i can sleep at night using it!
    • Green dragon killer by Nex - another flawless script, clean AF
    • #1 Magic by Hashtag - so much features for the price

    4) Should i get VIP? Does it make you unbannable like god mode?

    No, i still get ban from using VIP, but it seems like it is more effective to let account last longer

    Cheers boyz! GLHF

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    Paid scripts are like 80% less chance of getting banned but rly depends on what script you use, also you should always bot while you are doing something else, don't bot overnight, that's when i got most of my bans here.

    There are some well known scripters in this community, i always look at scripter reputation and activity before i buy something, bc if u buy a script from a guy that is never online i bet that's gonna go bad for you


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