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  • 🤑100,000,000 GP + 5 BONDS GIVEAWAY🤑


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    2018, what a wonderful year..
    Do you need extra cash to boost your botting journey? Worry no more, @Hashtag comes bearing gifts!

    I am hosting a 100,000,000 GP giveaway, in which every participant will receive a prize. Oh yeah baby, you read it right, 100M OSRS coins and your win is guaranteed. In addition I reward some participants with in total of 5 membership bonds. 

    Here are the rules of the game:

    • Entries will be allowed until the 24th of December (2018).
    • Winners will be announced on Christmas Eve/Day.
    • Winners will have 7 days to collect their winnings. Redemption must take place before 2019.
    • The 100M coins will be divided in a way that everyone will get their cut, but the main winners will receive a higher prize. I will try to make the divisions so that everyone will receive an amount they will not be disappointed in.
    • In order to enter the giveaway, you will need to review the scripts of mine you own. This means only users who have purchased script(s) from me are eligible to enter.
    • You will enter the giveaway by posting in this thread saying which scripts you have reviewed. I will verify all entries.
    • Fake entries/spam posts will be deleted. If you are caught trying to cheat in this giveaway, you will be kicked out and you will not win.

    How to enter

    I would appreciate it if you took the time to review and rate all of the scripts you own by me. First, give a star rating to the scripts you own here. And then, open up the store pages of the scripts and leave a written review and a star rating. You can visit the store page of a script by clicking the corresponding link below.

    #1NMZ #1Woodcutting #1BlastFurnace
    #1Magic #1Firemaking #1PestControl
    #1Shopping #1Runecrafting #1RockCrabs
    #1SandCrabs #1Mining #1Questing
    #1RangeGuild Item Mixer AIO  

    Step 1. (30 seconds to complete)


    Step 2. (3 minutes to complete)


    Step 3. (30 seconds to complete)
    Post your entry below.

    There you go, you just entered the contest and it took no more than 4 minutes!


    What does an entry post look like?
    Make sure you have reviewed the scripts you are entering with! An entry post is for example, "I entered with #1Shopping, #1Woodcutting, #1PestControl, #1Magic and #1RangeGuild" or "I entered with #1Woodcutting".

    My entry post was deleted, what gives?
    I was not able to verify the reviews you said you left. Please make sure you have reviewed the scripts you want to enter with. You are able to post a new entry once that's done.

    I have reviewed your script long time before, am I eligible to enter with the old review?
    Yes, of course! Even if you have reviewed the script before this giveaway even started, for example participated in my previous giveaway, you can still participate in this one.

    But I don't own any of your scripts and I want to participate!
    I don't know how that can be possible.. All joking aside, you are able to enter the giveaway even though you purchase one of my scripts during the giveaway. You can find my scripts listed here.


    Please note that you need to review the scripts you enter with. Don't post your entry message until you have reviewed the scripts on their store pages

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    • Hashtag changed the title to 🤑100,000,000 GP (100M) GIVEAWAY🤑

    #1Shopping, #1Magic, #1BlastFurnance, #1Muling, Item Mixer AIO

    I entered with #1Shopping this script taken me to dreambot, and now im in community for long time. Keep up excelent job

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    I enter with #1 PC, #1Blast furnace, #1 woodcutting, #1 firemaking, #1 Runecrafting


    Bruhv you know i love your scripts, definitely looking forward to whatever else you murk out. i haven't had a letdown yet, been botting since 2008 and you've definitely earned the gold as my favorite coder. keep it up <3

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    I entered with #1Woodcutting,#1RockCrabs,


    I see what you are doing here ;) great work, and good idea. To be honest if i win, i would most likely give back to the community buy 10 bonds and then give the rest back!

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    • Hashtag changed the title to 🤑100,000,000 GP + 5 BONDS GIVEAWAY🤑
    • Hashtag unlocked this topic

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