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    Please note that this is a scripter release. If you're just a regular botter, continue using DreamBotLauncher to run the bot (http://dreambot.org/DreamBotLauncher.jar)


    Scripters, many API changes were made this time around, so we are releasing a scripter version early so you guys have a chance to fix your code.


    The release can be accessed here.


    Remember to remove your pre-compiled scripts from the Scripts folder before trying to run this version, otherwise it will not work!


    Changelogs: (cough Pan Notorious)

    • Events:
      • Created a new AbstractEvent system to be used for our Mouse/Interaction framework.
        • This class implements runnable, and can be used by writers for any purpose they may need it for.
        • This class also allows writers to create specific conditions failed() and completed().
    • Mouse:
    • Interactions:
    • Numerous Walking Updates:
      • Updated web node map.
        • Updated Varrock Nodes to account for the addition of the GE.
        • Added numerous nodes throughout F2P in hopes to smooth some troublesome areas.
      • Fixed runtime errors some users experienced.
        • Pandemic was able to fix NPE’s and OutOfBound issues related to walking. (Please report to us if the problems persist.)
    • “Out with the old, in with the new.â€
      • Dreambot has grown a lot these past few months, and not just in terms of members. The development team wants to provide the best possible product to our users, and to do that we must please our writers. We know these API changes are a temporary hassle, though we feel these changes need to happen in order for our client succeed, and we promise that changes like these will hardly if ever happen in the future (hopefully never). If you guys have any questions regarding this update please feel free to ask. Although this was rather large update with a lot of changes, we feel like it was a huge step in the right direction!


    Javadocs are updated.

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    This update will be going public later today! If you have a public script please adjust your script to the new API changes (all the online API documentation has been updated) to avoid any issues when we update!


    If your script is on the SDN:


    You will have 24 hours to make the API changes as stated above to your script after the client is updated.

    • If your script is not functional after the 24 hours, it will be removed from the SDN until it is updated.
    • If no updates have been made after one week and no contact has been made. We will remove your script completely, and lock any related topics. If you maintain any sort Scripter rank, it will be removed! You would need to restart as if you never had to the rank to begin with.




    After the update, many scripts on the SDN will be broken until the writer has time to make some API changes. We know this is a temporary hassle, but in the long run should create a more stable environment and result in a overall better client! :)


    Though not all is lost, there should still be working scripts after we update! I believe has already updated his, and just waiting for the update to go public before releasing them! I also believe @Pandemic has been working on a script in his spare time, which should be ready shortly after the client update!

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    LOL, I looked for this in the Script Developers section and was like WTF when I couldn't find it. Updating mine now.

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