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    Free script features

    • Profile saving & loading (Online repository for sharing profiles with each other)
    • Target selection with differentation between different combat levels (Target specific combat levels of a certain type, ex: level 2 goblins)
    • Smart target selection
    • Loot table generating & ease-of-use selection:



    • Switch styles after skill task queue's (first lvl 40 attack, then 40 str,....)
    • Food support
    • Support for the whole combat triangle
    • Potion support within 3 conditions:
      • ​Boosted level % is smaller than... (For regular boost pots)
      • Last time drank is... (For antifires,...)
      • Real level is.... (For prayer potions)
    • Banking support, based on conditions
    • Custom pathing
    • Prayer: Protection prayers, burying of bones, prayer flicking
    • Ondeath: Retrieve items/Bank for new set/Stop script

    Web service features (Free)



    • Remote tracking of bots through 2 different means:
    • Note: Things shown here may be different from the official release. (This is especially true for the website platform, it's already underwent big changes)
    • Premium features: remote commands, botting history,.... (more to be added)

    Looking for beta testers
    things you'll need as a beta tester:
    - An account with decent fighting stats, willing to experiment with the script and push it to its limits (try to break it)
    - A smartphone with Android 5.0+ (Sorry iOS users, your time will come later)
    - A Discord account to keep in touch with me
    If you want to be a beta tester, like the thread & post below <3 
    To-do list before open-beta

    • Profile loading/saving
    • Style switching after Skill task in the queue has been completed
    • Improving pray flicking support
    • A better paint
    • GUI for custom pathing
    • Better task management (dismiss on-the-go principle)
    • Better website design (Website-side)
    • Deployment of all web services
    • Bug fixes that may occur in closed-beta testing
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    • 3 weeks later...

    Changelog 0.2


    - Rewrote core script mechanics to be more manageable (controller-focus)

    - A new paint, has custom orbs you can click to open/close certain panels (only stat progression & loot tracking at the moment)




    - Rewrote the prayer mechanic, prayer flicking is accurate for the majority of the time, still needs perfecting

    - Made a start on gathering data for switching attack styles (needs to be hardcoded unfortunately)

    - Further web service improvements (efficiency)

    - Got a P2P account now to add more potions to the supported list

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