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    So one day there was a guy called nikazi he needed to script because his village got killed some big ass ogre(kim jung un).

    One day kim jung un came with his Nazi overpowered infinite loop script everyone in the village was killed by it nobody couldnt load IfishKiddoI anymore, because there cpu's just started frying so now all they gold farms were dead bc of this script, but the only surving this script was Nikazi he wanted to write a script to destroy the ogre after all the gold farmers took there gold and bought amd threadrippers they ran 9000bots in total and goldfarmed whole the world but one day kim jung un cameback with his scirpt called IdoughmakerI it sounded good "Gives you 900ghz more and 1600threads + 90iq" everyone ran the script and all there cpu's fried once again because of this infinite loop everyone cried "i cant gold farm anymore please help nivea senpai".

    on the last battlefield only nikazi survived it with his intel i5 6200u(2cores,2threads+multithreading) he wrote a script that would kill the ogre the ogre, but the ogre was to strunk and killed him with one attack(grandor vs lvl 3) he died with his intel i5 6200u everyone was desperate until someone called this code:


    sleepUntil(new Condition() {
    public boolean verify() {
    return god.niveasenpai.getTile().varrock;


    so nivea senpai had to solve the problem he came down from another place and banned the ogre out of the world now he is silent waiting for his new victim.



    http://imgur.com/ufC7XZi //infinite loop was to OP until someone destroyed the grador 

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