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    Manly's Private Script Shop

    About me:


    Hi. I've been in the botting scene for about 10 years and have been scripting for ~7 years on and off. I make scripts which belong to the 'Manly' series. My scripts are often known for how flawless they are.










    I can make almost any script in RS.





    If you don't need a script or need some software made, message me privately instead.

    Prices are subject to change depending on script idea and my opinion. Price is given after you give me details of what you want.



    Payment Methods:


    Terms of Service:

    You automatically accept these terms once you place an order with me.


    • No refunds after I have received the payment under any circumstances.
    • You pay before receiving the script.
    • I only start work once I receive payment.
    • I support the script for 1 month. This includes ONLY bug fixes, and no additional features. Additional features can be added to the script afterwards for a price at my discretion.
    • You are not allowed to decompile the script.
    • The script is solely for you to use, otherwise stated.
    • Script stays between me & you, unless permission is given.
    • I reserve the right to refuse any request.
    • I will not take any non-unique requests i.e. a script which already exists on the SDN.
    • Script will be written according to features specified BEFORE I have started writing it.
    • If I don't have a RS Account with the required stats to write the script, you will provide one.
    • Rude customers will be disregarded and support will be withdrawn if they have purchased a script already.
    • If these terms are broken, I have the right to withdraw all support provided to you as well as blacklisting you from my services.








    On 7/21/2017 at 9:48 PM, WTF said:

    @Man16 completed a private script for me in a very timely manner, he also provided some good, outside of the box solutions to problems that arose. Thanks!



    On 8/16/2017 at 6:03 PM, Walking Dead said:

    paid upfront for a script and got it same day runs great thank you  :D



    On 9/25/2017 at 8:45 PM, wyyx said:

    + rep, made me a melee training script within 4hours of contact, great communication and had all features i needed.

    Will defo deal with him again!



    On 9/29/2017 at 11:20 PM, Supern0va said:

    Man took on a dope private script idea for me. Contacted him with an idea and had it all done in less than 8 hours. I like some of his other scripts too.


    Thanks again dude.



    More in the thread





    Contact Me:


    Please tell me what the script's purpose is + what is has to do + other features.

    Do not add me on multiple contact lines.

    Please make sure you are NOT talking to a fake.

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    Would you be able to write a script to mine Iron at the new Mining Guild location and deposit it in the deposit box?

    Contact me privately.

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    @Man16 completed a private script for me in a very timely manner, he also provided some good, outside of the box solutions to problems that arose. Thanks!

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