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  • I've been hacked..wtf.


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    Title pretty much says it all.


    I've been playing for 2006 and recently downloaded Dreambot! (2 weeks ago)


    You guys are the ONLY  and I swear on my life THE ONLY people who know my password.

    It's too complicated to tell anyone else anyway AND

    THE ONLY people to know my PIN. 


    I logged out, went outside came back 3 hours later and my character was in Lumbridge, not as if I died since I had most my stuff on me.


    No smoke battlestaff tho, which I had been using prior, and long behold....CASH STACK DISSAPEARED.


    Other bank items are there, my pin is the same pass is the same, items still in inventory or on my person. 


    This had to have been you guys. 


    I can't believe I trusted your system!!


    Mr Tan

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    it also could be the phising ppl! ppl spamming that you will get 50 mil each player etc to watch an video on youtube..., if you do, be prepared to lose you stuff...

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    The script I had used was Basket Filler by Script.


    And no, I don't go on twitch anyway.


    Edit: As I said, I had been playing since 2006. Any player with any brains knows that those bs GE ads are total garbage.


    Sorry to come off like this but I had my account safe for the longest time and the only thing I did was trust DreamBot with my details.


    No links, No phishing sites or emails, nothing and no one that could know my password, let alone access my google authenticator and bank pin.

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    You can't go blaming DreamBot it just screams out you're an amateur in regards to computer security. Start researching online and secure your system otherwise it'll keep happening.

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    Sorry to hear you were hacked :(


    We don't "know" your usernames, passwords, or PINs, as they never leave your local machine.


    Run a virus scan and let us know what you find.

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